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Graphlock Is A Feature Packed Scientific and Graphing Calculator For Under $5.00

Graphlock Is A Feature Packed Scientific and Graphing Calculator For Under $5.00 With A Feature Parents and Teachers Will Love

graphlock-top Graphlock Is A Feature Packed Scientific and Graphing Calculator For Under $5.00

It’s Back To School shopping season and that means that millions of parents will be skipping lunches, Starbucks and movies to not just buy their students clothes, but also a fancy schmancy Texas Instruments graphing calculator. It’s been the law of the land for high school students for years.

Now though, even middle school students are walking around with 100,000x more computing power than the original TI-81 in their pockets. Think about that for a second. Why hasn’t someone turned that expensive graphing calculator into an app.

Alas, they have, and it’s called Graphlock.

Today, the functionality found in a graphing calculator isn’t needed for just algebra, trigonometry and calculus. Students in STEM/STEAM programs need those tools as well (and we’re not talking about the ability to graph 8 bit body parts).

Teachers, parents and students love Graphlock. Teachers love it because it saves students and their families hundreds of dollars on the STEM/STEAM tool that they need. It gives the teacher the ability to customize the graphing calculator specific to the needs of the class. Another big plus for teachers and parents is that Graphlock has the ability to lock down everything on the phone aside from the graphing calculator, that’s the “lock” part. This makes Graphlock as effective as a stand alone graphing calculator at a fraction of the cost. Parents can use this feature when their kids get home from school to make sure their homework is the only thing getting done.

Students also love the fact that it’s cheap, easy to use and means they don’t have to keep up with another device. Students can even use Graphlock during exams because of the lock feature. Teachers can rest assured that the only thing on their students’ device is the graphing calculator.

Of course with Graphlock being an app in 2017, the company has keyed in some other timely features including the ability to chat. Messages can be sent to individual students or the whole class and can include photos or data sets.  With teacher customization they can make sure students aren’t getting ahead of themselves by locking out other functions of the app.

Graphlock can be found in the iTunes app store and the Google Play store for just $4.99.  There’s even a web based version for those teachers and students using Chrome books.  teachers and students can find out more here.