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Hero K12 Is Changing Behavior And Culture At K-12 Schools Everywhere

Hero K12 Recognizes Stand Out Behavior Good or Bad, Creating A More Positive Culture On School Campuses

herok12-top Hero K12 Is Changing Behavior And Culture At K-12 Schools Everywhere

Behavior isn’t always bad in school in fact, more often times it’s actually good. For every one time you see a student bullying another, you’ll see students holding doors open, helping their peers and even picking up trash. In the hustle and bustle of today’s elementary, middle and high school environments it’s hard to keep up with those things, the good and the bad.

Traditional behavior systems tend to focus more on the bad behavior, discipline and correction rather than looking at the total behavior landscape on campus. Diving into a discussion about childhood and adolescent behavior at school would be opening up a can of worms that would lead in all directions, but most educators can agree that behavior and culture go hand in hand, that’s why any kind of system that will successfully help with the behavior of students, needs to look at the entire picture. It needs to have ways to track good and bad behavior and it needs to be able to offer a birds eye view of behavior as a whole.

Hero K12 is that system.

They believe that there are three key aspects to behavior management at school:

  • Redirection, that’s the discipline part. Hero gives administrators and teachers tools to redirect student behavior more effectively and consistently.
  • Reinforcement, that’s the positivity part, Hero is built for school wide positive reinforcement they know that recognizing students for the good things they do makes for positive school culture
  • Communication, Hero builds in the tools to communicate between the student, teacher, parent and guardian, keeping everyone on the same page.

Because Hero believes that behavior is best addressed school wide they offer school wide classroom management tools keeping each student in every class on the same page.  By taking a holistic approach to behavior Hero is seeing a shift in school culture where students are making themselves and each other more accountable.

Positivity is at the center of Hero, their system makes it easy to track points so if students are on a good behavior points system they know instantly how many points they have and how close they are to their goal. Whether the school allows them to shop at a behavior points store or takes them on a special end of the year field trip, students take ownership of their behavior by managing their points, and trying to earn as many as they can.

Of course Hero also incorporates the tools found in other behavior management systems including a referral platform and tardiness management.

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