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Friday Funday: It’s Such A Pain Learning Algebra

holdernessfamily-top Friday Funday: It's Such A Pain Learning AlgebraThe Holderness Family Is Back With A Video Parents and Teachers Will Love

It’s Friday, Funday and if you’ve had a rough week, it probably hasn’t been as rough as the Holderness family has had helping their daughter with her Algebra homework.

The Holderness family is known for their hilarious parodies, but this one takes the cake especially for anyone born in the 80’s. They ask the ultimate question every parent wants to know “Why do we have to learn this sh@t again”. Students want to know why they have to learn it in the first place and this is the exact reason, to teach it to your kids.

The song is a parody of Toto’s hit “Africa” you know, “I bless the rains down in Africa” becomes “It’s such a pain learning Algebra”. This hilarious parody is even funnier as we realize it’s the same at kitchen tables across the country.

Enjoy and have a great weekend.