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Incident IQ Simplifies Device Deployment With New Google Integration

incidentiq-googleadminconsole-top Incident IQ Simplifies Device Deployment With New Google IntegrationSince it’s introduction to the K-12 marketplace, IncidentIQ has been laser focused on helping schools and districts, simplify and streamline their help desk/IT processes. By doing this, IncidentIQ enables resources to be deployed in the most efficient manner. IncidentIQ also ensures that devices get back into the hands of their student users as quick as possible so they can continue learning.

IncidentIQ is constantly improving and innovating their own platform so that they can keep up with the growing demands of schools and districts across the country and so that they can be up to date with the current trends and installations in K-12 technology.

Earlier this month the company announced new integration with Google Admin Console. The Google Admin console feature for Incident IQ powers innovations for technology support teams in K-12 school districts that standardize on Google Chromebooks and use Incident IQ to manage support requests for all of the hardware, software, and systems schools depend on today.

“K-12 districts that are Chromebook users will now benefit from workflows enhanced with select device data from the Google Admin console,” said Incident IQ Chief Software Architect Jason Martin. “Districts are now able to project helpful device management information from the Admin console into Incident IQ in real time to improve the productivity, responsiveness and effectiveness of technology support specialists.”

“Incident IQ’s Google Admin console integration empowers front-line support personnel by injecting relevant help tickets with immediate, up-to-date information about related Chrome devices, including status, location, and more—within Incident IQ—saving time for support teams and district system administrators,” said R.T. Collins, Vice President and General Manager for Incident IQ. “In addition, student device deployment which occurs at the beginning of a school term is revolutionized by the “Instant Assignment” feature for Chromebooks. With the Google Admin integration, Incident IQ now instantly assigns a specific, serial-numbered Chromebook to a student user upon device distribution, ensuring accountability for the device and shrinking the time needed for school-wide rollouts from days down to a matter hours, and without incurring any additional expense for manual data capture,” continued Collins.

Find out more about Incident IQ’s Integration With Google Admin Console, here.