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Intel Education Accelerator announces inaugural class

On Monday, Intel announced the inaugural class of their Intel Education Accelerator. 8 startups were selected from more that 200 applicants, with more than half coming from outside the U.S. All in all, the Intel Education Accelerator is unique in a number of ways. First, it has one of the highest funding numbers of all the U.S. based accelerators, with Intel investments of up to $100,000. The investment come in exchange for no more than 6% equity. Further, as Intel has incredibly deep ties to the education industry, the Intel Education Accelerator offers an underrepresented level of access to the market as a whole.

Without any further ado, here is a brief look at the 8 startups selected in the inaugural Intel Education Accelerator, Via Intel:

pocketlabs Intel Education Accelerator announces inaugural class

PocketLab – made by Myraid Sensors – is a wireless sensor that allows you to explore the world around you. The device connects to a smartphone or tablet and allows users to collect several different data points at the click of a button. The PocketLab has 5 main sensors: an accelerometer; a gyroscope; a magnometer; a pressure sensor; and a thermometer.

Vidcode Intel Education Accelerator announces inaugural class

Vidcode teaches computer programming to teen girls by enabling them to edit photos and videos with code. Users can upload mobile videos, code effects, and share with friends. Users learn introductory to advanced JavaScript – preparing themselves for a job in graphics programming the future.

BeeLine Intel Education Accelerator announces inaugural class

BeeLine has developed a technology that enables students of all ages to read more quickly and easily on-screen. BeeLine’s technology also provides invaluable assistance for readers with dyslexia, ADHD, and other learning differences. BeeLine’s key innovation is displaying text using eye-guiding color gradients instead of monochrome print. These gradients wrap from the end of one line to the beginning of the next, guiding the reader’s eyes and decreasing the cognitive load associated with reading. BeeLine’s technology has been subjected to independent educator and medical testing, and it has been proven to provide significant literacy benefits for students of all ages and skill levels.

Griti Intel Education Accelerator announces inaugural class

Griti produces on-demand video and live help that supports college students in their courses using on-campus peer networks.

Griti identifies subject experts who have already taken a course and received an A. Students in the class submit questions, and experts respond with dynamic videos that build a customized tutorial library online for the entire class, covering core concepts, exam prep, and other topics. Instead of searching for generic, unfiltered content on the web, Griti tutorials match the expectations for the course and provide every student with immediate, relevant support that anticipates their needs.

Tonetree Intel Education Accelerator announces inaugural class

ToneTree strives to redefine what a musical instrument can be. The company’s flagship product, Birch, can transform nearly any surface into an interactive interface. Birch combines a small, attractive hardware unit with intelligent software for desktop or phone. With advanced features like gesture control and velocity sensitivity, the possibilities are limitless. Play piano on a park bench or invent an instrument on your dining-room table; just draw it and Birch will bring it to life.

Owl Intel Education Accelerator announces inaugural class

WriteReader is an award winning, literacy-based learning platform for children to share self-created books with family members and trusted communities. The app is scientifically based to help young children become authors and improve their reading and writing skills from age 3 by creating their own storybooks. WriteReader was nominated as the best innovation in Denmark by the Ministry of Education & Science.

Echelon Intel Education Accelerator announces inaugural class

Echelon Creative builds education technologies that turn texting into the most effective way to learn. The core of the technology is an algorithm that can interpret natural language and transform normal words into their advanced-level synonyms to aid with vocabulary expansion.

The company’s primary offering is a study tool in the form of a messenger, Words U. Words U automatically swaps advanced English words into texting conversations. This allows complex vocabulary words to be seen in the context of social exchanges, surrounded by easily discernible context clues. Each word transformation is shown in its proper idiom and is swapped for a synonym that makes sense for each text message.

Got-it Intel Education Accelerator announces inaugural class

GotIt! is an on-demand platform for knowledge, connecting the world’s 7 billion human brains to provide instant explanations of problems. The company’s first product is targeted at high school students: Whenever they have a schoolwork problem, they simply take a photo and post to GotIt! Within seconds, the platform connects them with a study expert who will not only provide a detailed, step-by-step explanation but also chat with them to ensure complete learning and understanding.