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Issues In Academic Writing In Higher Education

Issues-in-Academic-Writing-in-Higher-Education Issues In Academic Writing In Higher EducationEdTech: Issues In Academic Writing In Higher Education

Academic writing is one of the best ways to ensure that a student is learning the work, however seeing that writing isn’t something that everybody is good at, understanding the underlying issues surrounding academic book is crucial for the betterment of a student’s performance.

Today we’ll be briefly touching on some of the more prominent issues both students and teachers have to deal with and a few solutions to help increase the efficiency of students worldwide.

Grammar and Spelling

While this isn’t an issue for most English-first students, many international students can find it challenging to use syntax accurately and may have problems with spelling. There is no quick fix to this issue.

The major problem with not being able to use proper grammar or spelling is that a teacher who is grading a paper will think that the student is ill-prepared, despite the fact that the student might have a sound understanding of the subject matter.

Thus, a student that has terrible grammar and spelling would be doing an injustice to their grades. Even though the teacher might notice that the student does indeed understand the subject matter, they will be forced to take off points for poor grammar and spelling.

The best way to solve this issue too is to assign the student to question reading tasks every week. It is, of course, extra-curricular reading. However, it’s the best way to work on spelling and grammar issues. Taking some extra classes on the specifics of grammar and spelling could also help.

Essay Structure

While the basics of writing might engrain in the minds of students from an early age, proper structuring of essays can also be a huge ordeal. Mostly, the student fails to deliver a coherent message based on structural elements.

It is necessary organizational skills and is a quick fix. Providing students with a general guide to the desired structure can help professors lower the rates of students not being able to deliver in the proper format. Over time, the students will learn the basic structure the teacher expects and in turn, would make the learning process infinitely more efficient.

Having standardized structure within essay writing is key to ensuring that the process of learning isn’t interrupted. Additionally, it teaches the students to follow a particular order about specific tasks.

Format Issues

While the essay structure relates specifically to essay writing, there are other formats many students aren’t too familiar with it. In High School, writing essays is standard, and most people have some familiarity with the form. However, when you reach higher education levels, you might be required to write in different formats such as Scientific Report or a Case Study.

These formats have different structural elements and require a different mindset when writing. To solve this situation, the student must first be familiarized them with the desired size. Providing some base examples could help the student grasp the structural arrangement quicker.

Ideally, the teacher will create a structural template for students to follow. It eliminates the possibility of a student ‘getting it wrong’ and will ensure that the grading process will be much more efficient.

Expressing Ideas Coherently and Redundancies

Another issue many students face is the inability to communicate their ideas coherently. In many cases, teachers want a bit more finesse when it comes to talking about particular ideas. They want students to dissect the information; however, for those who do not have the creative process to execute this efficiently, they often turn to redundancies within their explanations.

What do we mean by redundancies?

Necessarily, a student will repeat the same information in different sequences to express the same idea.

As an example a student might describe a tree in the following manner;

“The large tree was sitting in the middle of the court. The tree which located in the middle of the plaza was quite large”.

As you can notice, while there are two sentences within the mini-paragraph, they are substantially duplicate ideas saying the same thing.

To remedy this situation is much more difficult as creativity is involved. One would have to warp the perceptive filters of the students to be able to shift their perspective on ideas to expand on concepts more efficiently.

The best fix would be to assign and to create a culture of reading within your class. The only way to expand the minds of the students is to expose them to material by established authors. Subconsciously they will begin to adopt more adept strategies within their expressive writing skills.

If the student prefers studying online, find a reputable place of study such as Excelsia College as they will deliver a fast-tracked yet effective way of learning. Keep on practicing and look for ways to develop your skills in academic writing. 

There are plenty of other issues about academic writing, and as we continue to gather data about modern schooling, we will begin to identify fixes to these issues to make the learning process much more efficient and impactful to students and teachers alike.