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ISTE 2017: Asset Panda Is Solving A 3 Billion Dollar Problem

ISTE-Preview-topper ISTE 2017: Asset Panda Is Solving A 3 Billion Dollar ProblemISTE 2017: Asset Panda Is The World’s Best Asset Tracking Platform,  Your School System Needs It

AssetPanda-top ISTE 2017: Asset Panda Is Solving A 3 Billion Dollar Problem

Lost and damaged assets cost the school systems across the country nearly 3 billion dollars a year. Let that sync in a minute. While everyone focuses on curriculum needs and being innovative and progressive in the classroom, we often forget about things like protecting equipment. The average school system loses $250,000 a year due to damaged, lost, or stolen equipment. $80,000 of that is equipment we directly consider to be “technology”. With over 13,500 school systems across the country, that’s a huge loss.  Ghost items and misplaced items account for a good amount of that loss.

Asset Panda is the world’s most reliable asset tracking solution. Their mix of sensors, barcodes, and app locators mean it’s easy to set up an asset protection system and then track where things are.

Rex Kurzius, the founder of Asset Panda and his entire team get it, teachers, principals, district administrators are too busy with important things like teaching, educating, curriculum and finding money for schools, to actually keep track of all of the schools assets. With equipment ranging from football helmets to pencil sharpeners, iPads to trumpets, assets in schools start adding up.  If something goes missing it’s much easier to fill out a requisition form than it is to actually track back and find the missing item.

In 2013 the school district of Philadelphia lost $196,000 in assets. West Philadelphia High School, lost $5150 in instruments alone. The losses were blamed on misplaced items, items left at old schools, improperly discarded items and theft. They were also using an older software system that had trouble tracking their $272.6 million dollar inventory. Clearly, these losses add up.

assetpanda-2 ISTE 2017: Asset Panda Is Solving A 3 Billion Dollar ProblemAsset Panda goes above and beyond older asset tracking systems. Asset Panda allows any user to keep track of their inventory by photo, document, video, voice notes, barcodes, asset tagging, gps tagging and more. The platform goes above and beyond by tracking an items value and depreciation over the years. While Asset Panda can help instantly locate that missing laptop, it can also let the school’s technology director know when something is outdated.

It’s also easy to convert legacy system data and incorporate it into Asset Panda. After the initial setup, every time a school or district purchases new equipment, it can be added to the Asset Panda system in minutes, before it’s deployed to each location.

“The addition Asset Panda and its suite of asset management and tracking tools have allowed us to condense down several separate databases into one system giving us a full view of our inventory and improving accountability” Scott Matz, Director of Educational Technology for the Daniel Boone Area School District said.

Ten of millions of dollar in purchase orders will be generated from ISTE 2017 attendees alone. You should stop by Asset Panda’s booth to find out how to protect it all.

Asset Panda can be found at ISTE 2017 in San Antonio, June 25-28th booth #760 and at assetpanda.com

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