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ISTE 2017: BoClips Is The World’s Largest Video Library For Education

ISTE-Preview-topper ISTE 2017: BoClips Is The World's Largest Video Library For EducationISTE 2017: BoClips Educational Video Library Hosts Nearly 2 Million Videos

boclips-top ISTE 2017: BoClips Is The World's Largest Video Library For Education

For decades film and video have been a very important part of classroom learning. Originally it was the film, the teacher would wheel out a cart, often times towering their head, thread a film through a projector and students would watch a film with that annoying click of the motor throughout the entire presentation. Then there was the film strip, a nice narration with a “ding” when you needed to turn the film strip to the next frame. Then VHS, DVD and finally web based videos.

Nowadays there’s a video for everything. The easiest place to find a video is of course YouTube. But  YouTube videos aren’t always appropriate for the classroom. That’s why there’s BoClips.

BoClips is a video library with nearly 2 million videos from publishing partners like The Associated Press, Bloomberg, Nature Picture Library, The BBC and countless others. BoClips has gone through the painstaking process of making sure that videos are appropriate for the learning environment. Whether you’re K-12, Higher Education, English language learning or corporate learning, BoClips has the videos you need for your class.  The company makes it easy to discover, license and use the videos in their library for any education application.

Whether a teacher has planned out a long lesson plan on space, or decides at the spur of the moment to show their students zebras in their natural habitat, BoClips easy to use search tool insures that they’ll pull up the right content. They’ve even made it possible to add captions, subtitles and voiceovers to the videos to assist in teaching that particular lesson.

Having partnerships with some of the world’s leading news organizations like The BBC, The Associated Press and Bloomberg means that teachers can have meaningful and impactful discussions with their students on current events without the worry of some of the TV networks’ spin.

“All our videos are rights-ready and can be mapped to any curriculum, with pricing plans designed for education providers.” the company says.

Check out BoClips extensive library at ISTE 2017 in San Antonio, June 25th-28th, booth #2332 and online at

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