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ISTE 2017: Check Out These 43 Companies In San Antonio June 25th-28th

ISTE 2017 is just two weeks away. The annual International Society For Technology In Education conference is the largest EdTech conference in the Western Hemisphere.

ISTE-Preview-topper ISTE 2017: Check Out These 43 Companies In San Antonio June 25th-28thOver four days, teachers, administrators, technology directors and even some students will take part in hundreds of talks and be able to check out the latest technology offered for today’s modern classrooms. Here are we’ve been previewing the companies that will be on hand at ISTE 2017. Take a look at these 43 companies and stay up to date with our ISTE coverage here and on twitter @nibletztweets. 


  • Kahoot: This Austin startup makes it easy to make learning fun by allowing teachers to create interactive games from their phone, tablet or laptop, in minutes. More here! 
  • 7 Generation Games is changing the way math is learned by creating games that combine history, and adventure gaming.  More here! 
  • All In Learning gets kids all in by combining an LMS, feedback response system (clicker) and the ability to quickly assess students progress. More here! 
  • ClassLink is the single sign on that teachers, administrators, technology directors and even students have been looking for. ClassLink allows students to use one sign on and open all of their apps they need for class, and keeps the ones they don’t need, closed. More here! 
  • Bitsbox will have kids coding in minutes. Bitsbox is a monthly subscription box that sends app projects to kids. They’re system is easy to learn. Now, they’re turning to the classroom as well. More here. 
  • Zulama gets kids engaged in computer science by utilizing the lowest hanging fruit, the one that others are afraid of, creating video games.  More here! 
  • Earshot is a professional development (PD) tool that helps teachers by analyzing and giving feedback on the way they are actually communicating with students. More here. 
  • Boomlearning brings eye opener and ditto creation to the 21st century. Quickly create worksheets and mini-games with BoomLearning. More here! 
  • CareMonkey is a robust platform that keeps track of all of the students health records and needs. It’s perfect for schools, teams and clubs, anywhere! More here. 
  • Buncee is the digital creation tool you’ve been looking for. With Buncee, the sky’s the limit with creativity to make engaging and interactive activities for the classroom. More here! 
  • Soundtrap is a cloud based collaborative music and recording platform that allows kids all over the world to collaborate through music, creation and even podcasting. More here! 
  • SecondLifeMac is the place to sell all your used Apple equipment and source gently used equipment for your installations and deployments. More here! 
  • Flipgrid is a favorite amongst teachers everywhere, amplify your students voices through this innovative, easy to use video platform. More here! 
  • SchooLinks is a platform that uses data, AI, and more to match high school aged students with the perfect college. More here! 
  • The Graide Network allows teachers to outsource their grading work to aspiring teachers, college students who are earning their teaching degrees. More here! 
  • Terrapin Logo has been teaching kids to code since the 1970s (let that sink in). They use robots and the Terrapin Logo language to teach kids as young as five, the fundamentals of programming. More here! 
  • PearDeck allows teachers to create presentations every student can interact with. Pear Deck also includes a suite of tools for the teacher to add interactive questions, extra art, interactive animations and more, right within the system. More here! 
  • VeativeLabs offers an all in one VR solution for the classroom that’s easy to set up and easy to deploy. Their VR headsets already have a smart device built in, so just turn on, find content and go. More here! 
  • Bloxels uses an offline and online interactive tool to help kids build, collaborate and tell stories through video game creation. More here! 
  • Boarshare is the easiest way to share your smart board. Boardshare creates a portable device that turns any board or wall into a smart board. More here. 
  • Showbie simplifies the digital classroom by combining all the essential tools for assignments, feedback and communication into one easy to use platform. More here! 
  • Bloomz is the Facebook social network the the entire school community. They improve communication at all levels in a school setting. More here! 
  • WeVideo is a platform that allows people to create with video, and teach with video. More here! 
  • Noteflight helps students create, perform and learn music on any device. They also offer a learning platform that helps teach kids music through famous composers and more. More here! 
  • Rug-Ed Schools need protection for their iPads Rug-Ed offers double protection with a custom tough and Rug-Ed case and a repair program. More here! 
  • LightSpeed Technologies offers solutions to improve the audio in the classroom, which improves communication between teacher and student. More here!
  • Wonder Workshop is teaching kids to code with robots, Dot and Dash. More here! 
  • Singlewire protects  your schools, your team and your people with Informacast and Informacast Fusion. More here! 
  • Otus is actually two platforms every school system needs, an LMS and a robust analytics platform. More here! 
  • Asset Panda is the world’s best asset tracking platform, that every school system needs. More here! 
  • Flat can help teach students to read and write music through their online music writing platform. More here! 
  • ClassTrak is making homework simple for teachers, students and parents everywhere. More here! 
  • Workbench helps you make and create cool stuff with your cool stuff like drones, robots, Makey Makey, Sphero balls and old fashioned science. More here! 
  • Squirrels offers mirroring solutions for sharing any kind of screen with your classroom. More here!
  • Kami is an easy and very popular PDF solution powering the paperless classroom. More here 
  • DoInk has created two powerful, yet easy to use apps to ignite students’ creativity. Their drawing and animation app and their Green Screen app make video creation easy enough for a second grader to master. More here! 
  • Amplified Labs makes teenage mutant ninja tools for G-Suite for the classroom. They create the tools needed for teachers to maxamize G-Suite in the classroom. More here! 
  • Atomic Learning hoonuit is immersive training for just about everything. More here! 
  • StorbyboardThat is storyboarding made easy. It’s the K-12 favorite storyboarding platform. More here 
  • Blocksi filters content and can even detect cyberbullying. More here! 
  • Spiral blends engagement, assessment and collaboration to turn every classroom into an interactive learning space. More here! 
  • Powerschool is the most popular grading app in the world. It’s that good. More here. 
  • MathBRIX teachers problem solving and math in a proven and fun way. More here!

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