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ISTE 2017: classtag Is Simplifying Parent Communication

ISTE-Preview-topper ISTE 2017: classtag Is Simplifying Parent CommunicationISTE ’17: Teachers Are Building Parent Communities With classtag

classtag-top ISTE 2017: classtag Is Simplifying Parent Communication

Communication between teachers and parents is a pivotal part of a students education. Getting an important message home to the parents or guardians has always been a challenge. There may be a field trip on Friday but almost like clockwork this is how the discussion at the dinner table goes:

Dad: Johnny How Was School
Johnny: Fine
Dad: Anything going on at school?
Johnny: nope, can I go out and play now?

You may have snickered thinking that this was you as a kid. Because it was. The days of traditional parent conferences are over as well. In 64% of families with school aged children, both the mother and father work outside the home. That number jumps 75% for mothers and 81% for fathers in single parent homes. Which basically means, parents don’t have time for parent teacher conferences, and with cutbacks, extra work load and their own kids, teachers don’t either.

MathBRIX_banner ISTE 2017: classtag Is Simplifying Parent CommunicationThe “take home” folder may work for a bit. That is until the student gets home and goes through it themselves or maybe a nanny, baby sitter or after school care worker is the gate keeper for the folder.  Even in older elementary school students “I forgot” is a common answer when it’s time for career day, the science fair or even a cool field trip.

classtag is fixing the communication problem by simplifying parent teacher communication.  They know that 94% of parents have a smartphone and check messages and emails at least 6 times a day. They also know that in a perfect world, teachers would have all the time they need to talk to parents and bring them up to speed in the classroo. Most teachers are in it for the kids and want to share those experiences and that important class news with the other people taking care of that child.

ClassTag-ss-3 ISTE 2017: classtag Is Simplifying Parent Communicationclasstag has built a platform that has all the routine communications for teachers built right in. They know that parents and teachers are very busy, but they also know how important communication is to both sides.  classtag keeps a roster of all a teacher’s students and their parents. From there a teacher can elect to send an email to every parent in the class, like a field trip reminder, or a reminder that school dismisses early on Friday.

With a few simple clicks teachers can invite parents to school activities, ask them to volunteer and keep them in the loop. Teachers can create weekly newsletters that remind parents of important dates and events and even allow them to RSVP. So now when the class has that pot luck Thanksgiving dinner, classes don’t end up with 10 sweet potato casseroles and no stuffing.

Teachers can also use classtag for one on one communication with a parent of a certain student, perhaps for praise or an intervention. classtag keeps a record of these communications and even delivers read receipts, so the teacher knows that the message got across.

Finally, classtag even provides analytics on parental engagement, which can shed some insight into what’s going on in a students life.

See classtag in action at ISTE 2017 in San Antonio, June 25th-28th, booth #664 and online at is #1 in ISTE 2017 news, see for yourself! Did you miss something? See all of our ISTE 2017 coverage here.  Need extra oomph for your company during ISTE 2017? email and ask about our coverage partnerships.