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ISTE 2017: Incident IQ Takes The Worry Out Of IT For Schools

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incidentIQ ISTE 2017: Incident IQ Takes The Worry Out Of IT For Schools

Instructional time is very important. It’s hard enough to keep a room of thirty or so students engaged no matter what the subject matter. Throw in a technical snafu an educators quickly become overwhelmed. In many school districts if they’re lucky there’s an IT guy/gal at each school. A lot of school districts aren’t that lucky. Some school districts may have a person at each school but the real “help” is  at the central office. This can lead to great frustrations amongst teachers, which of course trickles down to students.

There’s so much great technology that will be on display this year at ISTE 2017, but what about when that technology goes down? There are some great mobile device programs like Rug-Ed that offers a no-deductible iPad repair service, but what about larger or problems, or problems that just aren’t understood?

Lexicon Technologies has introduced Incident IQ, a platform that works similarly to help desk platforms in large enterprises.

Incident IQ is the only tool that answers the growing demand for technical support and leader empowerment (two of ISTE’s Essential Conditions), created by the influx of technology in classrooms today.

“There is real promise in classroom transformation, yet no one talks about the challenges that come along with managing and efficiently supporting all this new technology, like limited staff and resources. That’s why we built Incident IQ — to address the requirement for effective, productive IT support in modern K-12 schools,” said Lexicon Technologies CEO Travis Collins.

singlewire-ISTE-2017 ISTE 2017: Incident IQ Takes The Worry Out Of IT For SchoolsSimilar to help desk products used by large enterprises, Incident IQ is complete with asset tracking and analytics for teams in technology-dense instructional settings, who often manage thousands of devices in dozens of locations. Unlike other support platforms, Incident IQ is unique in its design and mission — it is entirely architected for schools to better support teaching and learning.

“In a few clicks I can enter a technology issue and get right back to teaching,” said Nicole Kirby, a 5th grade teacher in Rockdale County, a 1:1 school district near Atlanta, Georgia. “Plus, now I trust that issues will be resolved in a timely manner.”

Schools have increased the resolution rate of IT support tickets by 40 percent in the first year of implementing Incident IQ. Incident IQ Mobile and automated help ticket routing are two of many features that improve team efficiency.

“Managing technology should be simpler,” said Chief Software Architect Jason Martin. “School districts need an IT support platform that blends seamlessly with the rest of their technology ecosystem. So we’ve architected Incident IQ with integration capabilities for single sign on, asset tracking, Student Information System (SIS), and Learning Management System (LMS) integrations.”

Beyond the benefits for teachers and IT support teams, Incident IQ empowers district leaders with actionable data unavailable through any other help desk product. Analytics such as common incidents and response times are viewable by date range, location and technician, and can be easily exported to a PowerPoint or PDF for sharing with other stakeholders and decision makers.

“We needed a robust infrastructure to help us track and manage IT devices. Incident IQ has become that critical hub for us to minimize instructional downtime,” said Michael Rotjan, Instructional Data Coordinator for Rockdale County Public Schools.

Ultimately, Incident IQ frees up time for everyone, allowing teachers and curriculum support staff to focus on what matters most: improving student achievement.

Check out Incident IQ at the Lexicon K-12 Solutions booth at ISTE 2017 in San Antonio, June 25th-28th, booth #926 and online at 

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