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ISTE 2017: Osmo Is A Favorite For Teachers Everywhere

aplazer-iste-720 ISTE 2017: Osmo Is A Favorite For Teachers EverywhereISTE 17: Osmo Continues To Grow, Now With 9 Games and Several More In Development

osmo-top ISTE 2017: Osmo Is A Favorite For Teachers Everywhere

Osmo, the breakout iPad hit from three years ago takes the iPad into a physical space. When they debuted with three amazing games they caught the hearts of kids, parents and teachers everywhere. Their first introductory kit included a letter game, a puzzle game and Newton, an incredible drawing app that’s even fun for high school students.

Now, they’ve incorporated coding games and games that take pictures a kid or student draws on paper or a white board surface and makes it interactive. Our nine year old ed tech reporter, Tatum F, was amazed while she was playing the “monster” game. The monster told her to draw a submarine door, he then proceeded to pick the door up off her paper and put it onto the iPad screen, and walk through it. Pretty amazing interactive technology.

That’s the thought echoed by teachers from across the globe, that we ran into at ISTE 2017. Maria Jackson, a fourth grade math teacher from Florida said “my son loves Osmo and my students do as well, the pizza game even teaches kids light business skills”.

bloxles2-e1498446454335 ISTE 2017: Osmo Is A Favorite For Teachers EverywhereThey continue to build on the foundation they started with those three initial games. That pizza game is a huge hit as are two different coding games including Coding Awbie and Coding Jam which teach kids the fundamentals of coding through easy interactive block programming.

Osmo can be purchased directly through and on Amazon. Teachers, schools and districts can purchase Osmo through their education department.

Nearly 25,000 schools are using Osmo to change the way kids collaborate, think critically and communicate.

“Some of my students will come in early or stay after school just to get a chance to play on Osmo a little longer” Rebecca Black, a 3rd grade teacher from Washington DC told us.

Check out Tatum’s interview video below