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ISTE 2017: Otus Is Actually Two Platforms Every School System Needs

ISTE 2017: Otus LMS and Otus Learning Analytics Platform Are Two Powerful Tools For Schools

otus-top ISTE 2017: Otus Is Actually Two Platforms Every School System Needs

Otus is actually two very powerful tools for schools. The first is Otus LMS, a powerful classroom tool for 1:1 classrooms, that combines the best of iPad, Chromebook and other education and third party technologies into one secure, shareable environment.

On the learning management side (LMS) Otus makes routine classroom activities easier by keeping every part of the students digital world organized. This allows teachers to stay focused on teaching and students to stay focused learning.  It starts with a student profile. Each student has their own profile that makes sharing information with teachers, administrators, counselors and family members a cinch. They partner with Thrively, giving teachers a more complete picture of each student and what motivates them to learn.

On the learning side, Otus has partnered with all of the top content and curriculum providers to insure that teachers can create, share and teach valuable, interactive lessons. This means more engaging lesson plans and more engagement from students.  When assessing students abilities, Otus provides over 60,000 items that teachers are able to use to create assessments that go well beyond multiple choice and true and false.

Then, teachers can talk all of this valuable data and use visual performance tools to provide rich insight from engagement and assessment data.

Otus’s learning analytics platform takes that data from the LMS system and makes it easy to share, read into and work from at the teacher level, administrator level, school level and onto the district level. Where are your students really at when it comes to state requirements? What students are having troubled? What areas are they having trouble with. The learning analytics platform provide powerful dashboards that can zoom out or drill down as far as any educator needs to see, to fix problems as fast as they come up.

By combining the two tools under one umbrella educators from the superintendent level down to the teacher’s aide are on the same page. There’s no worry whether the data has been corrupted or manipulated in a sync or transfer program. Otus is one source for K-12.

“Otus allows school systems to generate critical classroom data and gather it alongside data from the most popular third party tools providing actionable insight to improve student and organizational performance” the company says.

You can talk with the folks at Otus and get an onsite demo at ISTE 2017 in San Antonio, June 25-28th at booth #1061 and online at