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ISTE 2017 Preview: All In Learning

ISTE-Preview-topper ISTE 2017 Preview: All In LearningTexas EdTech Company All In Learning Gets All The Students Learning And Interacting.

Allinlearning-top ISTE 2017 Preview: All In Learning

Getting students to interact with a lesson can be like pulling teeth. When I was in grade school, way back before this interactive technology, the same three students would raise their hands to answer questions. Now it wasn’t like the other 27 students didn’t know the answers but some kids are shy, other kids don’t like to be wrong in front of their peers. For whatever reason, the good old hand raise is no longer an option.

All In Learning has created the “fitbit for learning”. Through the use of a clicker and a web based platform, teachers can create interactive content that can be taught from the front of the room that will have students clicking away with the answers to the questions posed to them. All In Learning allows students to participate without fear of being wrong or without peer pressure. The teachers have complete control over the lessons and content they are sharing with the students and can pose clicker questions whenever they see fit.

While there are a fair amount of clicker systems out there, All In Learning goes all in on the software side too. They make it easy for teacher’s to create and modify lessons as well as handle grading. It can also be used to do exit tickets.

With a document camera or a smart device All In Learning makes it a cinch to grade bubble sheets, quickly. Teachers are able to get tests and quizzes graded before the students even leave the classroom. What’s more is that All In Learning keeps track of the grades for each student.  Every bit of All In Learning can sync with reports and heat maps showing which students need help and which students have grasped the material in real time.

While it’s a real bonus for the students, teachers are getting valuable time back.

“Not once last year did I grade any assessment outside of the classroom. I never graded things at night. I never graded an assessment over the weekend. I never had that hanging over me, there was never, oh I need to get this in, it was always done, and the next day we were ready to move on.” Sam Adedipe a Chemistry teacher at Thompkins High School in Katy Texas said.

If you’re ready to get your students more engaged, and time back in your already hectic schedule, visit All In Learning at ISTE booth, 3253 and online at 

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