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ISTE 2017: SchooLinks Is Helping Students Find The Right College

ISTE-Preview-topper ISTE 2017: SchooLinks Is Helping Students Find The Right CollegeAustin Startup SchooLinks Uses Data, AI And More To Match Students With The Perfect College.

SchooLinks-top ISTE 2017: SchooLinks Is Helping Students Find The Right College

SchooLinks is on a mission to help as many students as possible get the big envelope from the school they match with best. The now Austin based startup, started in Los Angeles when founder Katie Fang was barely out of college herself.

“We want to see a jump in the college attendance rate,” Fang told two years ago. “And we want to be one of the reasons it happened. The long term goal is [for SchooLinks] to be where all the education-related stuff will happen. If you’re going to college, or want to study a new language, or look for an internship, you’ll go to SchooLinks.”

They are well on the way to becoming a goto site for any high school aged student looking to get into college. But it doesn’t stop at the typical high school college ready junior, adults looking to further their education are turning to SchooLinks, as are thousands of foreign students looking to get an education in the United States.

SchooLinks uses a personality test of sorts along with a profile for each student. It then identifies areas of study for the student, and the schools that might best match their needs and desires. Sometimes a student, who dreamt of going to their favorite college teams’ school, may find their best suited for a school in an entirely different city, based on who they are and what they’ve accomplished so far.

Within SchooLinks, the student experience is divided into three main areas; Path, Match and Planner. Path is the tool that helps students find the career and majors that make sense for them. This is based on their personality and interests.

Match, uses a bit of proprietary algorithms and AI to find the schools that fit best. Students can even compare their top schools side by side and calculate their chances of getting in.

Planner, breaks down the application/admission process step by step so students know exactly what they have to do and can take their steps in order. Guidance counselors and parents can view their students’ progress as they’re going to see if they need any help.

SchooLinks can be implemented in the home, at the school level and at the district level. In schools and school districts it’s a very useful tool to insure that all college bound students are on the right trajectory.

You can check out SchooLinks in person at ISTE 2017, in the Startup Pavilion booth #2132 and online at 

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