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ISTE 2017: Singlewire Protects Your Schools, Your Team, Your People

ISTE-Preview-topper ISTE 2017: Singlewire Protects Your Schools, Your Team, Your PeopleISTE 2017: Singlewire’s Informacast and Informacast Fusion Protects Lives

Singlewire-top ISTE 2017: Singlewire Protects Your Schools, Your Team, Your People

When I was a kid my mother used to tell me about drills they did in school in case we were attacked by bombs and missiles. All the students would crouch down under their desks, probably not the most effective, but the missiles never came. I remember countless fire drills, and the fires never came. It was only in the last two decades where the words “lock down” have been ingrained in the minds of students, teachers and parent everywhere.

While the imminent threat that caused the call for the lockdown must have been scary, what can be even scarier is the lack of communication. There are a handful of companies that are attempting to tackle the problems with communication in situations like lock downs, fires and chemical spills, but where they succeed in one area, like text messaging for instance, they fail in another, like facility wide notification. When there is a threat or a situation at a school, gym, warehouse, factory or other location with lot’s of people, everyone need to be informed simultaneously.

That’s why the fine folks at Singlewire have created Informacast.

“With InformaCast alert software from Singlewire, we connect people when and where it matters. When an emergency occurs, our mass notification system helps keep people safe and informed, everywhere, every time” the company says on their website.

Informacast offers a single, fully integrated communications system that makes sure the people that matter know what’s going on at the exact time that it matters.

Singlewire-2 ISTE 2017: Singlewire Protects Your Schools, Your Team, Your PeopleThrough Informacast Advanced a mass notification is sent to all on-premises devices throughout a building, campus or school. Through Informacast Mobile, a mass notification is sent through an app to all mobile devices on the system whether the recipient is on or off site. Informacast Fusion links it all together, making sure the important mass notification message is sent through on premises devices and mobile devices.

With all three systems the decision makers, principals, administrators and even teachers can set off an emergency notification. Like a lock down. Through Informacast, other devices within a school’s facility can be activated as well, like automatic door closures, and emergency walls. Messages sent through Informacast can be sent as ad hoc audio, pre-recorded audio, SMS Text, email, phone calls and push notifications. This means that parents, and loved ones can receive the same message at the same time. This provides security and peace of mind.

School districts and universities across the country already employ Singlwire’s Informacast. Companies like ESPN, Build A Bear Workshop, United Health Group and countless others, trust the lives of their people with Informacast.

You can take a demo of Informacast Fusion at ISTE 2017 in San Antonio June 25th-28th at booth #858 and online at

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  • Chris Swietlik

    Thanks for covering this! Just an FYI that there is a small typo in the headline. On first mention you have “Inforamcast” instead of the correct “InformaCast”.