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ISTE 2017: Soundtrap Goes Deeper Than Music, Podcasts And Collaboration

ISTE-Preview-topper ISTE 2017: Soundtrap Goes Deeper Than Music, Podcasts And CollaborationISTE 2017 Preview: Swedish Startup Sountrap Is Deeper Than Music, Podcasts and Collaboration.

Soundtrap-Edu-top ISTE 2017: Soundtrap Goes Deeper Than Music, Podcasts And Collaboration

Swedish startup Soundtrap is the first truly collaborative recording studio platform in the world. It was founded in 2013 by a group of eclectic musicians and producers who loved to work and create together but time and distance barriers kept them from going into one central studio. Countless startups across the globe have tried to pull together a collaborative music platform, Sountrap was able to do just that.

What set Soundtrap apart from the others who tried and failed, was the fact that the team behind Soundtrap knew, to make it truly collaborative they had to consider all formats from day one. Soundtrap works across; Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android. Users can use their mics, instruments or provided software instruments to record directly to Soundtraps servers in the cloud.

They can collaborate with as many other musicians as they want. Each musicians part is saved in the cloud as one file that can be edited, mastered, remixed, re-worked, recorded over etc, from anywhere.  The company launched out of Beta with 50 virtual instruments, 1400 royalty free loops, and 25 real time effects in 2015. They also secured a $1 million dollar seed investment at the time. Now there are countless more loops, instruments and effects.

With all these features, Soundtrap has been able to keep the platform based in HTML5 and all the files stored in the cloud. That means it’s easy to use across any device, especially tablets and chromebooks, which just happen to be in most schools across the world.  In 2016 they found that natural fit for education and were named one of Google’s “Creative Apps For Chromebooks”. The Swedish company isn’t just using education as an after thought, they’ve really embraced the edtech sector. With their music platform, recording and being technology based, Soundtrap provides a unique open canvas to instill STEAM initiatives with students.

soundtrap-edu-2 ISTE 2017: Soundtrap Goes Deeper Than Music, Podcasts And Collaboration

“From arts and music to math and computer science, we are hearing more and more examples of creative teachers incorporating Soundtrap’s technology into a range of subjects and curricula in the UK and around the world,” Soundtrap CEO Per Emanuelsson said in a statement.

Outside of creating music, Soundtrap can be used to create podcasts as well. Students can create collaborative podcasts with other students in schools across the globe. Student led news programs can easily add reporters and collaborators on site in other cities, states or even countries. Sountrap has created an education division that helps teachers utilize the unique platform, for a number of reasons.

“Teachers around the world use Soundtrap in a myriad of ways – podcasts and songs are just the starting point. One teacher we know created a “celebrity interview hack” podcast, where the kids searched out, edited and remixed themselves into YouTube interviews with cultural icons. Another teacher we know used Soundtrap to create jingles and background music for movies. Yet another teacher brought together musicians from around the world, turning school kids into composers to create an album of songs which they sold in iTunes.” Emanuelsson added.

Meredith Allen, Soundtrap’s  Educational Ambassador will be onsite at ISTE and leading the Harmonizing In The Electronic World discussion.

You can find Sountrap in the exhibition hall at ISTE 2017 in booth 2958 and in a variety of discussions.

You can find Soundtrap online here. 


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