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ISTE 2017: StoryboardThat Is Storyboarding Made Easy

ISTE-Preview-topper ISTE 2017: StoryboardThat Is Storyboarding Made EasyISTE 2017: StoryboardThat Is K-12 Favorite Storyboarding Platform

storyboardthat-top ISTE 2017: StoryboardThat Is Storyboarding Made Easy

Storyboarding is a powerful tool. It’s a way to visually map out just about anything relating to story telling. For instance, I learned storyboarding in middle school and as a young entrepreneur I found it a useful skill in mapping out my pitch decks, but more importantly, it was the basis for charting product development.

The benefits to storyboarding in the classroom are endless. First, storyboarding blends two parts of the brain, the narrative part and the visual part. It’s also huge for collaboration. Building a storyboard together in class gets kids talking, engaging and having fun with one another. You’ll quickly find that the narrative kids will work with the artistic and visual kids to make something that you may not already see.

Boston startup StoryboardThat has quickly become the favorite storyboarding tool for teachers in grades K-12. Everything about StoryBoard That is creative and collaborative. The story board process begins with brain storming and ends when the user, in this case students, can tell a complete story from start to finish. It’s not just about making movies or animations. Teachers are finding a way to integrate Storyboard That, and storyboarding into a variety of subject matter.

The image above shows how a group of 8th grade tech students used storyboarding and StoryboardThat to show how inventions have evolved.

In developing Storyboard That, founder Aaron Sheman and his team made sure that the tools were both feature packed and easy enough for a K-12 student to use. Storyboard That isn’t just a great tool for storyboarding it’s also a great graphic organizing tool. It’s a great way to use digital story telling to teach and learn 21st century learning skills.

Storyboard That 4c’s of 21st century learning and the backbone to Common Core; Communication, Collaboration, Creativity and Critical Learning all in an easy to use platform that’s web based, portable and can be accessed on any device.This means that students collaborating on a storyboard for science class can have the same tool they use in school while working on the project over the weekend.

Since 2014 over 4,000,000 storyboards have been created using StoryboardThat.

You can check out StoryboardThat at ISTE 2017 in San Antonio June 25th-28th, booth #401 and online at