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ISTE 2018: Edgemakers Approved By Two Biggest States In The Nation

edgemakersphoto-2 ISTE 2018: Edgemakers Approved By Two Biggest States In The NationCalifornia and Texas Approve Edgemakers Innovation Courses For High School Ahead Of ISTE 2018

Just the other day we previewed Edgemakers in our ISTE 2018 coverage. Edgemakers is the company that’s teaching and cultivating innovation, creativity and the entrepreneurial mind in schools across the country. They were especially appealing to us last year as our now 10 year old edtech reporter Tatum F was embarking on her third startup company. At ISTE 2017 she got a chance to speak with the Edgemakers team, see the video below.

Nibletz.com has always been about startups and edtech so entrepreneurship has been key to us. For our founder, this is his fifth startup. He’s of the mindset that entrepreneurship can’t be taught in college however those skills, the innovation, the creativity, the process, the thinking and the storytelling can all be taught in middle and high school. Edgemakers and their founder John Kao, a serial entrepreneur and musician, totally get all of that. Essentially Edgemakers hits the 4C’s of 21st century education right on the nose; creativity, communication, collaboration and critical thinking.

So while Edgemakers is amazing for students whats even better is that they’ve now had their courses approved for high schools in both California and Texas. California has granted A-G approval for six EdgeMakers courses on innovation and entrepreneurship and Texas has approved EdgeMakers’ foundational Innovative Thinking course. Students can take the courses for elective credit starting in the 2018-19 school year. Practice-based and purpose-driven, EdgeMakers courses teach the how-to of innovation while addressing some of the fundamental gaps in education today.

“Innate creativity is inside every student, waiting to be unleashed,” said John Kao, founder of EdgeMakers. “But without intentional programs in our schools, creativity is underdeveloped, and students’ passion, talent, and energy remain some of our most underutilized resources. We cannot allow this to continue, as our society is faced with a number of ‘wicked’ problems that appear unsolvable unless we innovate to find solutions. Our goal with these courses is to combine students’ natural creativity with purpose, helping them develop as innovators whose work is truly meaningful and makes a difference on issues that matter.”

edgemakersphoto-1 ISTE 2018: Edgemakers Approved By Two Biggest States In The NationTexas Approves Innovative Thinking

Innovative Thinking is the foundational course that introduces students to the EdgeMakers framework and the process of innovative thinking. Through this course, students come to not only understand their innate capacity for innovation, but also develop a foundation in key skills including creativity, storytelling, design thinking, collaboration, and entrepreneurship. They also learn to apply their newfound skills to purposeful activity and develop their own innovative solution to a “wicked” problem. Students in Texas will receive one credit upon completion of this 60-hour semester course.

California grants A-G approval to six courses

In California, six EdgeMakers courses are now A-G certified by the University of California and California State University systems as college prep “g” electives for meeting the state’s college-readiness requirements. The individual courses are each designed to be covered over a single semester and students will receive three credits upon completion. The six courses are:

  • EM101: Innovative Thinking
  • EM1: Creativity & Innovation
  • EM2: Storytelling & ChangeMaking
  • EM3: Design Edge
  • EM4: Character & Collaboration
  • EM5: Entrepreneurs & Startups

Technology in schools and innovative course offerings at the elementary, middle and high school level are preparing students for the future. There are many STEM/STEAM offerings available in schools everywhere with more on the way. Many believe that this generation, Generation Z will be the most entrepreneurial to date. Many of the college aged GenZers are abandoning the idea of college for entrepreneurship. Edgemakers clearly helps students destined for either path.

That’s why you must visit with Edgemakers at ISTE 2018 in Chicago, June 24-28th, booth #2687 and online at edgemakers.com

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