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ISTE 2018 Preview: Go Deeper With GoGo Brain

gogobrain-iste2018-top ISTE 2018 Preview: Go Deeper With GoGo BrainGoGo Brain Is Helping Students Listen, Focus Better and Follow Directions

As teachers start digging into student performance and assessment they start to understand the whole student. While a student may be grasping concepts internally they may not be focused enough or listening the best they can to classroom instruction. This can easily lead to a crossing of the signals and may present itself as if the student doesn’t even know the material.

Teachers have a limited amount of time to help their students grow. Most teachers have about 180 days of instruction and in most cases teachers see each student for an hour or less per day. This means that to get the maximum out of class time and instructional time, teachers need to deliver their best possible lessons and students need to be focused, listening and following directions.

GoGo Brain, from the creators of TestingMom.com is an online learning platform that strengthens seven critical meta-cognitive skills in students from PreK-5th grade. These seven critical meta-cognitive skills help identify and answer the questions:

  • How well do your students maintain their self control in the classroom?
  • Do they retain what they’ve learned?
  • Can they analyze and apply newly learned concepts to other situations?
  • Can they use visual information to solve problems?

The seven meta-cognitive skills that GoGo Brain will help your students build are the seven foundational skills. When students lack any of these skills they struggle to learn new concepts, retain information and demonstrate their mastery in tests and skills.

Not too long ago we would take students like this and identify them as “not working to their full potential” or worse, throwing them to another classroom all together. With GoGo Brain, students can learn these important skills in the classroom right alongside your normal standards aligned curriculum.

GoGo Brain has turned these skills into fun and exciting games that get students fully immersed in the process itself. Games like:

Flying Following Directions, Listening Launch, Self Control Black Hole and more keep students on task and focused. The end result is a measurable improvement in these foundational skills. Teachers and parents love GoGo Brain and you will too.

Check out GoGo Brain in the AT&T Edtech Startup Pavilion at ISTE 2018 in Chicago, June 24-28th, Booth #1644 and online at gogobrain.com

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