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ISTE 2018 Preview: Matterhackers Knows 3D Printing

img_0096 ISTE 2018 Preview: Matterhackers Knows 3D PrintingFrom 3D Printers To Supplies, Ideas and Instruction, Matterhackers Has Your School Covered.

3D Printers in the Classroom have passed the novelty stage. No longer is the “token” 3D Printer wheeled on a cart across all the second grade classrooms so students can ooh and ahh. 3D Printers have found solid footing in schools and classrooms across the country.

We all know that 3D Printers are a foundation to a solid STEM education. We also know that in addition to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics STEM classes, 3D Printers and makes spaces are big parts of the 4C’s as well.

At ISTE 2018 in just under two weeks in Chicago, do a little test. Go to all of the 3D printer companies and ask the first person you see about the 4C’s chances are only three of them will know and one of them is MatterHackers. That’s because MatterHackers is committed to 3D Printer education and education incorporating 3D printers.

MatterHackers has a complete online showroom of every 3D printer worth putting into your classroom or maker space. Read those words carefully because they aren’t a clearing house for 3D printers they only carry the best of the best, the most functional, the easiest to use and the safest. The friendly staff at MatterHackers isn’t going to recommend or sell your school a dangerous 3D printer for your 3rd grade makerspace.

Not only is their staff a great resource for your school’s 3D Printer needs but MatterHackers website is filled with user guides, tutorials, blog posts, resources, competitive pricing and a community of educators with lesson plans and tips.

MatterHackers also carries all the supplies your school will need to ensure that every student gets time to create, collaborate and innovate with your 3D Printers.

Visit with MatterHackers at ISTE 2018 in Chicago, June 24-28th, booth #2059 and find them online at matterhackers.com

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