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Kahoot Releases Mobile App Making Homework Fun

Kahoot Releases Mobile App Making Homework Fun For In Time For 2017-2018 School Year

Kahoot is the super fun, easy to use platform that makes it a cinch for teachers to gamify lessons through interactive question and answer games. The platform has garnered more than 50 million global users and teachers are creating Kahoots! in record numbers.

Late last month Kahoot! unveiled a new platform for teachers that would give them ready to go Kahoot’s on just about any topic. Previously teachers would create their own Kahoots and share them in a repository with other teachers. The new Kahoot! Studio for teachers allows them to “grab and go”, so teachers can turn to a Kahoot lesson quickly as they’re teaching their material.

Back in June our then 9 year old edtech reporter (she’s 10 now), Tatum F, sat down with Kahoot! CEO Erik Harrell to get the lowdown on their new mobile app. As Harrell described in the video above, students will be able to play Kahoots at home, in the car and wherever they have an internet signal. Of course they can do it for fun, but now teachers can actually assign Kahoots as homework, lending an activity students have grown to love in the classroom to their after school experience as well.

“The new app, designed for iOS and Android, brings the magic of game-based learning outside the classroom: teachers can send after-class challenges to students as homework and learners can continue playing for revision and fun wherever they are.” The company said in a statement.

The Kahoot! experience isn’t limited to schools. Anyone can use the new Kahoot! app to play fun learning and trivia quiz games on any topic they’re interested in, either in single-player mode, or in challenge mode, competing against friends or family members virtually.

kahoot-mobile-top Kahoot Releases Mobile App Making Homework FunReboot homework with Kahoot! to make review and revision fun


Nine out of ten teachers say they use Kahoot! to review topics taught in the classroom, according to a recent Kahoot! survey of 580 U.S. teachers. Reinforcement of topics with Kahoot! has proven to be more effective compared to traditional teaching methods, survey results found. Nearly a quarter of the teachers surveyed said they would play Kahoot! more often if kahoots could be assigned as homework.

“Having beta tested the new Kahoot! app, I can confidently say that teachers are going to love having the ability to assign kahoots as homework”, said Matthew Castilleja, Instructional Technology Specialist at Round Rock Independent School District in Round Rock, Texas. “This will encourage students to review educational material and take learning outside the classroom walls, all in a fun and engaging way. I can see teachers and students using Kahoot! a lot more by being able to play Kahoot! and learn on the go.”

“Teachers and students love playing Kahoot! and don’t want to stop when the bell rings,” Harrell said. “Kahoot! makes learning fun – and now homework, too! We are excited to launch the app after receiving an overwhelmingly positive response from teachers and students post our beta launch in June.

At the same time, the app isn’t just for teachers and students. Anyone who is interested in having some fun and learning along the way, can play Kahoot! games on the mobile app, with access to a library of more than 20 million public kahoots.”

kahoot-mobile-ss Kahoot Releases Mobile App Making Homework FunKey app features

Challenges make homework fun

Teachers can send homework, via their computer or the app, to students through challenges, either by sharing a link via email, Google Classroom or other messengers, or by just sharing a unique game PIN assigned to the challenge. By accepting challenges, learners can get back in the game anytime!

Single-player mode

Now, players don’t need a second screen to enjoy Kahoot! – they can see questions and answers on their mobile devices. This is great for revision and practice, as they compete against virtual players.

Start the Kahoot! journey on the home screen

The home screen gives an overview of challenges in progress and previous games played, a list of featured kahoots, as well as the ability to search for kahoots from a library of over 20 million public kahoot games. Players can also join regular kahoot games hosted in the classroom by entering a game PIN in the app, just like before.

Making it easy for teachers

Teachers can specify, via their computer or the app, how long they want the challenge to be live – for example, when homework is due for students.

There’s a learner in everyone

Finally, the Kahoot! app is designed for anyone who wants to have some fun playing learning and trivia quiz games on any topic. More than 20 million public kahoot games on a very broad range of topics, ranging from history, pop culture, geography, and math, are available to play against friends or in single-player mode.

See the Kahoot! app video tutorial here and download for free in the App Store and on Google Play.