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Kahoot Launches Kahoot! Studio For Teachers Looking For Grab & Go Content

Kahoot! Studio Features Free, Ready To Play, Learning Games Just In Time For The 2017-2018 School Year

kahoot-studio-top Kahoot Launches Kahoot! Studio For Teachers Looking For Grab & Go Content

Make no bones about it, Kahoot! is one of our favorite K-12 learning tools. The interactive tool allows teachers to quickly make up quick response learning games similar to Jeopardy or quick play trivia games. Creative teachers across the globe can create Kahoots for any topic, any subject or any lesson. And they’re doing it in droves.  Over 20 million Kahoots have been created and shared by a global user base over 50 million strong.

Teachers using Kahoot can create their own games or sift through the library of over 20 million other Kahoots. The only problem with this is it’s like YouTube or looking for that one beautiful photo that fits your needs on iStock. Teachers get sucked in checking out all the amazing content, it can be quite time consuming.

Kahoot! CEO Erik Harrell and the Oslo based Kahoot! team are known for their responsiveness to their community, after all you don’t reach the 50 million mark without listening to your users. In this case users are teachers and teachers are using the tool to help children, a proposition everybody loves. One of the most popular pieces of feedback that the Kahoot! team gets is that teachers were looking for a grab and go, curated solution so they can implement Kahoots on the fly.

That’s what Kahoot! Studio is all about. Their team of educational experts have created and curated ready to play, grab and go, Kahoot! games for grades K-12 teachers and students within popular content areas such as math, science and English Language Arts (ELA).

kahoot-studio-2 Kahoot Launches Kahoot! Studio For Teachers Looking For Grab & Go Content“We have been waiting for this kind of offering from Kahoot! and are thrilled that the company cares about teachers’ needs,” said Nikolas Chatzopoulos, Math and Science teacher and Director of Innovation at Plato Academy in Florida. “While a vast collection of public kahoots already exists on the platform, sometimes teachers are looking for ready-made kahoots to review with students, keep them engaged and increase learning.

Kahoot! unveiled the Kahoot! Studio on Wednesday.

“Kahoot! is at the intersection of education, technology and entertainment and we felt that we had a responsibility and duty to offer original content in order to make the lives of teachers much easier,” said CEO Erik Harrell. “Teachers have told us that they don’t always have the time to produce their own content and this was the ultimate impetus behind Kahoot! Studio. Kahoot! Studio aligns very well with our mission to unlock the deepest potential of all learners and make learning awesome, enabling and empowering more and more teachers to play Kahoot! with their students.”

The first collection to be released is the Kahoot! Math collection, which will include K-12 kahoots aligned to the U.S. Common Core Standards in popular math topics such as Algebra, Fractions, and Geometry. These kahoots can be played directly or edited, if needed, to match other specific standards or needs.

Going forward, Kahoot! will continue to add more grades, topics and standards-aligned kahoots every week to build a robust library of ready-to-play kahoot games — all of them for free!

In the coming weeks, teachers will be able to see collections for Math, Science, ELA (English Language Arts), History and Geography, all aligned with U.S. standards for grades K-12.

Kahoot! plans on adding up to several hundred kahoots to the Kahoot! Studio library by the end of the year and even more in 2018. In the future, Kahoot! will work with publishing partners to expand the library of kahoots on the platform.

Kahoot! Studio also plans to launch high-quality kahoots in partnership with well-known entertainment and education brands in the future. These kahoots will be appropriate for use not only in the classroom but for other contexts and user segments as well. These Kahoot! games can be played by anyone who wants to have fun while learning and will cover topics that appeal to a universal audience.

“While we will focus Kahoot! Studio on teachers and students at first, we want to expand Kahoot!’s reach and appeal to a wide audience by launching original, fun, game-based content that is also entertaining and engaging for audiences beyond the classroom,” says Harrell. “We are excited to partner with entertainment and content companies in the future to bring these kahoots to game lovers worldwide.”

Kahoot! Studio games can be found on the Kahoot! platform start page starting August 30:

To access the Math collection, the first one to be released, go to

Content providers interested in cooperating with Kahoot! Studio can find more information on or get in touch with Kahoot! at