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Learning.Com Wants You To #BeKindOnline For Blue Shirt Day

learning-blueshirtday-top Learning.Com Wants You To #BeKindOnline For Blue Shirt DayBlue Shirt Day Kicks Off National Bullying Prevention Month, And Has Resources For You

We’re used to seeing a whole lot of pink in the month of October for Breast Cancer Awareness month. We’re also getting used to seeing a lot of blue. The blue isn’t some kind of annual convention for Best Buy employees, it’s to represent a much much deeper cause. October is National Bullying Prevention Month and it kicks off with Blue Shirt Day on October 2nd.

Blue Shirt Day is celebrating it’s 10th year of raising bullying prevention awareness and it’s earmarked for the first Monday of October every year. is the premiere provider of digital literacy and digital citizenship resources for students grades K-12 in the world. Their culture is built on providing students with the best understanding of how to use digital tools safely and securely. With that in mind, cyber-bullying, and cyber bullying prevention are at the core of everything they do.

That’s why National Bullying Prevention Month and Blue Shirt Day are very important to

They’ve compiled some great cyberbullying tips:

  • Pause before you post: Think before you post something hurtful
  • Use computer courtesy: Treat others as you want to be treated
  • Not sharing is caring: Keep passwords safe, no sharing with friends
  • Speak out and Reach out: Tell an adult if you or someone else has been a victim of cyber bullying
  • Be Kind Online is encouraging teachers and students to tweet more cyber bullying prevention tips with the hashtag #BeKindOnline for a chance to win an exclusive Blue Shirt Day t-shirt from

They have also posted three free online safety lesson plans that teachers can use in their classrooms:

K-2: Netiquette & Cyberbullying
Introduces students to concepts of netiquette, proper online behavior, preventing cyberbullying and dealing with cyberbullying.

3-5: Safekeeping Personal Information
Stresses the importance of not revealing personal information online, addressing the types of information that should be kept private, and safety rules to prevent unwanted contact.

6-8:  Understanding Identity Theft
Introduces students to identity theft, the associated dangers and the safety rules to prevent it.

The lesson plans are totally free you just need to sign up here. 

On October 12th will present the webinar: “Keeping Your Students Safe Online: The Toledo Model” presented in conjunction with  The Webinar features  Shannon Bischoff and Amy Graver, both technology facilitators at Toledo Public Schools. You can register for the webinar here. 

Learn more about digital literacy, cyber bullying and here. 

  • Ted Soluri

    Wow! This is so powerful when all the ecosystem of parents, educators, governement officials, etc pull together their efforts to fight cyberbullying. Much more voice today! Well done! Why don’t us parents use some sort of parental control to prevent syberbullying. Pick yours fave like, or whatever fits your situation.

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