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Malaysian Startup Zap Zap Math Headed To FETC

Zap Zap Math Encourages Critical Thinking In Elementary Math

ZapZapMath-FETC Malaysian Startup Zap Zap Math Headed To FETC

A Malaysian startup that caters critical thinking development math games and other educational software is taking the trip halfway around the world to participate in this year’s Future Of Education Technology Conference later this week.

Zap Zap Math offers game based learning that is curriculum compliant to both common core and standard math curriculum. The company has made their app easy to play at home, and just as easy to be deployed in the classroom. For classroom use they’ve added a dashboard that allows the teacher to monitor each student’s performance.

The math app bundle has received praise across the internet because it’s chalk full of free data. After it’s initial release they did move to a freemium model with premium content but rather than restrict what was out there behind a paywall the company decided to just add more enriched content.

“The newly added games allow the user to practice even more math skills in a variety of different ways. My 7th grade son volunteered to test it for me, and though the math was well below his level, he stayed engaged for quite a long time. He was a very helpful tester, and also pointed out that when he (purposely) got the answer incorrect on some problems, the app didn’t just move on, but showed him the correct answer first.”  Heather H at SmartAppsForKids said.

With all the buzz about the US market, the creators of Zap Zap math have decided to fly over from Malaysia and exhibit at the Future Of Education Technology Conference later this week in Orlando Florida.

“Being a former math teacher in Singapore, I could see how students struggled with worksheets that were basically one dimensional. After being recently featured as a ‚Best New App‚ in the Apple App Store, we saw the Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC) to be an avenue to create real-time, in-app experience for students, parents and teachers.” John Ng the CEO and co-founder said.

What’s next in the cards for Zap Zap Math, in addition to more content they hope to make the app a more “immersive virtual learning experience.”

Check out Zap Zap Math here.