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Marching For My Life

tatum-mfol-top Marching For My Life

My spot at MFOL right in the media pit. That’s the guy from America’s Most Wanted, John Walsh.

In Washington DC Marching For My Life

Earlier this year, before the school shooting in Parkland Florida I met the IT director at Stoneman Douglas High School at the Future of Education Technology Conference in Orlando. He was walking through the exhibit hall where I was stopped talking to the people at Smart and preparing this interview. He asked me how old I was and I told him. He handed me his business card and went about his day.

Fast forward two months later and after the horrible tragedy at Stoneman Douglas I emailed him to see how he was doing, considering everything that had happened. He explained that he was ok but everyone was very sad. Their whole school district was looking for answers and even technology to help make the school safer.

As every student in America geared up to participate in the March For Our Lives, I did too.

I was pleasantly surprised when they reached out to me to see if I was going to march and if I wanted to cover it. Of course I said yes and with that we were off to Washington DC.

Getting here was quite the challenge it wouldn’t stop snowing and flight after flight was delayed. The weather this morning was much better. It was extremely sad and motivating¬† and I have a bunch of video that I shot and hope to publish soon.

I wanted to thank some of the folks who have supported me through my years as an edtech jouranlist and with getting to this event, including; Miss Sue at PR with Panache. Josh apter at Padcaster and Eric at Bulb. I also want to thank several of our edtech company friends that wanted to remain nameless. I wouldn’t have had this opportunity if it wasn’t for you.

Tatum F @tatumftech