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7 Mindsets, Mindsets University, Set To Kick Off This Week In Denver

Social Emotional Learning Company 7 Mindsets, Set To Kick Off Mindsets University In Denver

7mindsets-mindsetsuniversity-top 7 Mindsets, Mindsets University, Set To Kick Off This Week In Denver

7 Mindsets is a social emotional learning platform built upon the foundation provided in the book “The 7 Mindsets To Live Your Ultimate Life” by Scott Shickler and Jeff Waller. It’s not some hocus pocus or some leadership garbage being perpetuated by someone just trying to sell books. As there name says, it’s 7 minsdets that when you set your mind to think these ways it’s better for the greater good. Get everyone on board in an entire school and you can effect real change.

“The weakness in any social emotional learning program is making sure the principal or administrator is involved” Ian Bryan, Director of Community Outreach with 7 Mindsets told us. “Infuse the entire school with a language that overlaps the entire school. Put it all under the same language.”

I highly suggest you read the book, there’s a link at the bottom of the story. But for those of you wondering right now, these are the 7 Mindsets:

  1. Everything is Possible- Dream big, embrace creativity, and expect great results
  2. Passion First- Pursue your authentic talents and deepest interests
  3. We are connected- Explore the synergies in all relationships, empower one another
  4. 100% Accountable- Choose to be responsible for your own happiness and success
  5. Attitude of Gratitude- Seek positives from every experience and be thankful for all you have
  6. Live to Give- Inspire and serve others while maximizing your potential
  7. The Time Is Now- Harness the power of this moment and take purposeful action today

I talk a lot about it in this blog post from February when I met with 7 Mindsets President Lupita Knittel and Vice President of Operations Matthew Smith. In that post I describe the two of them as contemporaries. They’re both from Atlanta, well educated and have a stroke of street smarts as well. In other words, they wouldn’t bother with something that wasn’t going to make a difference. The 7 Mindsets team worked for years on researching the 7 mindsets and how to implement them to effect change.

Earlier this year they joined forces with Roberto Rivera, the founder of The Good Life Alliance, and possibly my favorite Ted talk speaker of all time. Rivera was a misfit youth by his own description. He sold drugs, got in trouble left school, came back and created his own major at the University of Wisconsin Madison called “Social Change, Youth Culture and Arts”.  He went on to earn an award from President Bill Clinton. His organization landed him the honor of being called “one of the top young change agents in America”.

The work of 7 Mindsets began nearly 30 years ago when the founders were asked to teach life skills to youth in New York City Schools (let that sink in for a second). They spent the next 20 years creating curriculum and youth empowerment programs that have now served hundreds of thousands of kids across the country. This culminated with their flagship event, The Ultimate Life Summit, a youth leadership conference attended by thousands of young people from across the globe.

Their in school curriculum is used by thousands of schools and is helping not just students and teachers but parents and whole communities as well.

The book motivates you to want to start making change right away. Add in 7 mindsets in education and you can do wonders. That’s why for the last eight years 7 Mindsets has hosted Mindsets University, mini conferences built around the 7 mindsets methodology.

“Mindsets University gathers an extraordinary league of Principals, Teachers, Trainers and Thought Leaders in mindsets-based social emotional learning, for a dynamic mini-conference that will transform your life, thinking, and teaching forever.” the company says on the Mindsets University website.

These aren’t ordinary conferences, they’ll get your blood and your brain flowing. “Coupling personal development with a rigorous exploration of instructional strategies, participants leave empowered to “be the change” that they wish to see in their classrooms, schools and beyond.” they said.

At the conference you’ll hear from the authors of the book Scott Shickler and Jeff Waller along with Roberto River and others. They host these mini conferences at locations across the country:


Denver | June 14-15, 2017
Minneapolis | June 21-22, 2017
San Antonio | July 11-12, 2017
Atlanta | July 18-19, 2017

You can register today for the conference nearest you at