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Museum In A Box Is Bringing Museum Collections To Schools [sxswedu][video]

Our 9 Year Old EdTech Report Checks Out Museum In A Box

British startup Museum In A Box is putting museum collections and expert knowledge into the hands of students around the world.

The company partners with museums and creates interactive replicas of their collections complete with audio describing each museum piece, as you would find them in the museum itself. They’ve already partnered with a museum in the UK as well as Smithsonian Libraries.

MuseumInAbox-1 Museum In A Box Is Bringing Museum Collections To Schools [sxswedu][video]

The company uses figurines, scale models, and picture cards equipped with an NFC chip to activate the audio boxes that tell the stories about each piece.

Collections can be customized for a variety of applications. There’s no shortage of museum artifacts. In fact in most museums, especially systems the size of the Smithsonian, less than 5% of their artifacts are on display at any given time. Museums are underfire to get their collections seen by more eyes, museum in a box can help.

Through 3d Printing, photos, pictures and other small artifacts, students can get a hands on feel, similar to that of being in a museum. While many museums have comprehensive websites with thousands of cataloged images, it’s not the same experience as using the museum in a box.

Our 9 year old EdTech reporter Tatum F checked out Museum In A Box. Check out the video above and for more information visit