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MyOn Wows 4th Grade EdTech Reporter At TCEA

MyON Digital Literacy Platform Wow’s 9 Year Old Ed Tech Reporter

myOn-top MyOn Wows 4th Grade EdTech Reporter At TCEA

Although TCEA was the first EdTech conference in the country to not allow entry for nine year old EdTech reporter Tatum, being the ever innovative we found a way for her to check out some of the best education technology on display. Our nine year old reporter interviewed Bulb, Blossom, Nearpod, Cubelets, Flocabulary and MyOn just to name a few, and that was all outside of the show floor. No worries, she’s going to be back in action reviewing all the latest edtech companies at ISTE, TLA, and SXSWedu.

MyOn was one of the companies that wow’ed her this year. Tested at a sixth grade level, our young edtech reporter loves reading all kinds of books, and with a library of over 13,000 titles, MyOn’s platform can keep her entertained, and learning for years.

MyOn is packed with features that benefit both the teacher and the student. In order for a literacy platform to be effective both users need to see the true value. MyOn has a variety of assistance features for the reader that can be enabled and disabled by the teacher. The teacher can also monitor the students progress and see where they need help. They also feature a directory of state standards that will tell the teacher and the parent what books meet the standards of their state.

On the student side, they can choose from a variety of titles at a variety of grade levels. If fully enabled, students can have read-along enabled with both audio and visual assistance. If the student is learning verbs, nouns or other Language Arts skills, different words, sentences, paragraphs etc can be easily highlighted for the reader.

At TCEA MyOn showed off MyOn 3.7, with a new wave of features for the reader and the teacher.  Version 3.7 was released in December, just ahead of the lucrative edtech conference season.

The newest version provides a variety of updated features aimed to give the educator a clear view of what their students are reading and how their skills are developing.

“We made these upgrades to help educators customize the monitoring tools they rely on to evaluate their student’s improvements and needs,” said Todd Brekhus, the president of myON. “We want to empower teachers and administrators with the information they need to instill a love of reading in their students.”

New features include:

•    More Beginning Reader Support: Additional native benchmark items that use pictures and simple sentences track changes in students’ reading scores over time.
•    Alignments to Standards: When creating reading tasks, educators in faculty and administrator roles can use book alignments to state and national standards to connect titles to support curriculum goals.
•    Read-Aloud Speed: myON now includes the ability for students to select a read-aloud speed.
•    Report Refresh: New and improved educator reports include more details and highlight areas to monitor.

You can check out MyOn here.