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Nearpod Bringing Virtual Reality For Schools Back to FETC

Nearpod, A Leader In Immersive Classroom Technology Heads Back To FETC

Nearpod-top Nearpod Bringing Virtual Reality For Schools Back to FETC

Nearpod has taken the education world by storm. First starting as a company that helped educators easily create interactive content on the fly, they are now the trusted and most well known name in bringing virtual reality to the classroom.

Over 10,000 schools nationwide use Nearpod for their interactive learning. The company offers lessons that have already been developed, a community of like minded educators, and a way for teachers to easily create content.

With the Nearpod interactive presentation creation tool teachers can create content for students. Teachers can then decide if the students will all learn collectively in a “live session” or if students should go at their own pace. Nearpod makes it easy for teachers to embed any other content that they want into the lesson that they are creating.

After a lesson is taught, the Nearpod dashboard allows teachers to review the students lessons, grade them and then tweak the lesson based on responses. They’ve truly thought of everything.

Now that virtual reality is on fire, Nearpod was the first company to utilize this technology. Teachers can use Nearpod and it’s virtual reality component to take students on virtual field trips, or have them engage in immersive lessons.

Students can put on a virtual reality headset and teacher’s can take them to Washington DC, China, Russia and even space. This gives the students an entirely new experience.

But the Nearpod VR system doesn’t just have to be about traveling. “We use it for math, we use it for reading, we use it for language arts,” Lia Gyore, a fourth grade teacher, the San Bernardino Sun . “I can get immediate feedback. In the same article Gyore talked about how she’s able to take inner city kids that haven’t been out of their neighborhood, across the world thanks to Nearpod.

The Adventura Florida based company is packing up next week to head on down to Orlando for FETC 17 where they’re giving away the chance for a teacher to win a VR starter pack which features 6 VR headsets. The Nearpod website is already filled with content to fill those teachers’ lesson plans.