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What Does Artificial Intelligence Look Like In Higher Ed, Just Ask Sia

Sia From OneOrigin, Is A College Student’s Personal Assistant From Prospective Student To Graduation.

When we were at EDUCAUSE 2017 in Philadelphia earlier this year we had a chance to speak with a number of companies who said they were providing some sort of artificial intelligence within higher education. In many cases big data, algorithms and machine learning were being interchanged for the more sexier “artificial intelligence” moniker, a trend that seems to be running rampant in technology circles.

What many of these companies lacked was the actual artificial intelligence part, like Alexa, Google Home, Cortona and others offer. Artificial intelligence in the form of personal assistants like Alexa and Google Home are expected to be one of the top gifts under the tree this Christmas.

Ever since Apple’s Scott Forstall introduced Siri to the masses in 2011, people have been talking to their technology. This entire notion was something we only saw in Sci Fi movies and television shows like Eureka, in the past. Today, smart assistants, backed by artificial intelligence, are getting smarter and smarter. It’s to the point where you can just about hold a conversation with Siri, Alexa, Cortona or Google Home.

OneOrigin is bringing that ease of use to higher education and it starts with the decision making process. Utilizing a school’s already developed knowledge base, OneOrigin’s artificial intelligence, named Sia, is able to help prospective students make smart decisions about the colleges they want to attend and the courses they want to take. One

Origin has developed Sia to understand the natural conversations and logic that happens while students are making those kinds of decisions.

Oneorigin-Sia-top What Does Artificial Intelligence Look Like In Higher Ed, Just Ask Sia

We spoke with Abhinand Chincholi at OneOrigin, during EDUCAUSE, where he explained that using Sia to help students explore their college choices is one of their biggest objectives right now. The company is trying to solve two major pain points for higher education, how do we get students to select, apply and join colleges and universities. The second, how do we help them succeed once they’re in the university.

When high school students are in the decision making process, deciding what school’s to apply to, there’s mountains of information available on a school’s website. Large schools like UCLA, UNC, Penn State, and the University of Maryland each have hundreds of thousands of web pages within their sites. Navigating those pages can be a cumbersome process. A lot of the information available to the students goes completely unnoticed. With Sia in place, students interact with her using natural voice commands through their choice of Google Home, Alexa or other platforms. Sia is able to comb through those pages in lightning speed to give students more complete answers to their questions.

Here’s an example, go to a division 1 college’s website to try and find out if freshmen can park their cars on campus. In the three we tried we had over 200 references in each school’s search. Using Sia, a student would be able to ask that question and she would be able to find out what the student actually wants to know without having to spend hours clicking.

Once a prospective student moves to a fulltime student, Sia is able to get to know the student through their academic performance, special interest groups, activities, schedule and even social media. Sia can help students make smart decisions about what classes they should take as they go on through their academic careers. Sia can also help students figure out things, like how much time it will take to do an assignment or if they have time in their schedule to take an extra meeting.

Sia essentially becomes a students personal assistant at school, every step of the way. OneOrigin, is constantly innovating to make sure that the best information as available to students at all times and is easily accessible.

Watch the video above with Anand to learn more. Also, you can visit OneOrigin at where you can experience Sia right away, right on their web page.