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The Pulse Of Your Student Body Is At Your Fingertips With Otus

otus-features-top The Pulse Of Your Student Body Is At Your Fingertips With OtusOtus Adds New Query And Comparative Data Analytics Features To Their Student Performance Platform

Otus is a student performance platform designed to give teachers, administrators and district level employees access to student data that will ultimately drive performance and help make impactful decisions for individual students, entire classes, grade levels and schools.

Otus has been able to take data from learning management systems, classroom management systems and third party student performance systems and combine it into one easy to use tool.  Otus also imports state assessment data like PARCC, Georgia Milestones, STARR as well as district assessment data. All of this data in their separate silos would be a complete mess and an awful headache to sort out.

Before Otus, district level employees would spend hours if not days entering data into spreadsheets and using high level spreadsheet tools, formulas and equations to find information and trends that Otus can revel in minutes. In fact several school districts across the country still employ data scientists that do this kind of work every day.

Otus has just added new query and comparative tools that allow users to look across all their data sets and find the information and trends they want in a few clicks. Users can set up queries to establish what they are looking for like benchmarks.

otus-query-ss The Pulse Of Your Student Body Is At Your Fingertips With OtusOnce a query is set up users can run the same query again and again. For example if they wanted to identify a data set of fourth graders across their school or district that finished the state wide math assessment in the top 5 percentile they could. They could also see those that finished in the lowest percentile and every piece of data in between.

With this kind of information stakeholders and decision makers can decide on curriculum enhancements, interventions and other learning based decisions.

Comparative tools mean that administrators can take one group of data and compare it with another. Are those fourth graders at one of your schools doing extremely well and another doing poorly? Data may tell the story and Otus is the tool that can help.

Check out Otus here. 

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