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Get To Know Your Students With This Easy Survey

panorama-gettoknowyou-top Get To Know Your Students With This Easy SurveyPanorama Education Releases “Get To Know You Survey “,That Helps Students and Teachers Get To Know Each Other.

Panorama Education has released a new online survey tool for teachers and students to get to know one another. The company calls it, “The Get To Know You Survey”. The 15 minute survey helps understand students, outside of school and their learning styles. The survey explores students favorite activities, sports and other hobbies.

Students get instant feedback to see what they have in common with their teachers. At the same time, teachers can explore similarities with their students.

One of the biggest advantages to Panorama Education’s survey is that it helps students discover what they have in common with their teachers. In a recent study from Harvard University, Dr. Hunter Gehlbach and colleagues found that when students and discover what they have in common, they are more likely to foster a positive relationship which improves student performance and reduces achievement gaps.

The Harvard research found that when students and teachers have five things in common, relationships and educational outcomes both improve.

The questions range from what do you like to do outside of school, to if you could go to one sporting event which of the following would you go to. The choices include; The World Cup,  Olympics, NBA Championship, Super Bowl, World Series or I’d give my tickets to someone who cares about sports.

“I already had a very special moment where a student and I both said that we’d want to go to the World Series, and his response was: “Finally, a teacher who gets me!” I think that’s what we all want to hear.” Brooke A. an 8th grade language arts teacher said.

Panorama Education is giving this valuable tool out for free. Teachers and administrators can sign up for a free account and administer the survey to start building relationships right from the start of the school year.

Check it out here, at Panorama Education’s website.