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As Students Prepare To March For Their Lives, PikMyKid Offers Their Safety App Free To 1,000 Schools

pikmykid-freelicenses-top As Students Prepare To March For Their Lives, PikMyKid Offers Their Safety App Free To 1,000 SchoolsWith The March For Our Lives Just Days Away, PikMyKid CEO Pat Bharva Announces They Are Giving 1,000 School Licenses Away For Their School Safety App.

For Pat Bharva and the team at Florida based PikMyKid, school safety isn’t just a hot button topic because Stoneman Douglas High School is less than 300 miles away. For PikMyKid school and student safety is a way of life and the core to their business. The company has developed a world class system that helps students, schools and parents coordinate after school pickup. They went on to create a platform of useful school safety products on the backbone of that platform. They’ve lived, eat and breathed school and student safety since they started the company (and even before that).

With the recent flurry of school shootings and violence and the attention the students at Stoneman Douglas have generated around March For Our Lives, Bharva and the team at PikMyKid wanted to do more. School shootings and school violence are at an all time high.  As we were preparing this story, another school in Southern Maryland had an active shooter situation quickly controlled by proactive students, teachers and the school’s resource officer.

PikMyKid’s, Kidio Safety Panic Button app is the kind of tool that helps school staff and faculty raise an alarm the minute trouble strikes.  The Panic Button app delivers alarms silently to prevent panic at school. Users can create custom contact groups related to each incident, and protocols are quickly pushed to group participants.

The emergency notification system is connected to first responders, providing school staff with the ability to send instant alarms at the touch of a button. The app sends emergency responders an alert of the event as well as a digital blueprint for the school, providing them with exact layouts. The app also live-tracks the phone, sending continuous positional information of the person who pressed the panic button to emergency responders.

Bharva announced on Tuesday that the company would be giving away 1,000 free school licenses for the Kidio Safety Panic button app. Many schools and districts have strict budget caps and in other situations, giving away the license makes implementation a lot faster, in this case Bharva wants to ensure schools have access to the Kidio app.

“In light of recent events, PikMyKid wanted to lend a hand in helping schools prepare for unexpected and unfortunate emergencies,” Bharva said. “We understand budgets are tight for schools, but that should not prevent schools from being prepared. We are proud to provide 1,000 schools with our Kidio Safety Panic Button app, which raises instant alarms to an entire school and its first responders.”

Schools interested in securing one of the free licenses, can apply here.

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