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Radiolab’s Jad Abumrad To Keynote ISTE 2017

ISTE Heads To San Antonio June 25-28th, Jad Abumrad To Keynote

jad-abumrad Radiolab's Jad Abumrad To Keynote ISTE 2017

Jad Abumrad prepares for Radio Lab (photo: MacArthur Foundation)

Radiolab host and creator Jad Abumrad, is set to keynote the International Society of Technology in Education conference June 25-28th in San Antonio Texas. ISTE is the largest organization in the world for administrators, educators,  and technologists, dedicated to technology in education.

Radiolab is a radio show and podcast heard across 500 member stations. The podcast has been downloaded over 9 million times.

Abumrad, who is both a composer and a journalist, has helped him create what’s been called a “new aesthetic” in broadcast journalism. The Radolab program explores curiosity where boundaries blur between science, philosophy and human experience. Abumrad combines deep research along with amazing music and sound effects to draw the listener in.

For his efforts Abumrad was named a MacArthur Fellow in 2011. The foundation said his “engaging audio explorations of scientific and philosophical questions” which “captivate listeners and bring to broadcast journalism a distinctive new aesthetic”, while using “his background as a composer to orchestrate dialogue, music, and sound effects into compelling documentaries that draw listeners into investigations of otherwise intimidating topics.”

In 2010, “Radiolab” was awarded the prestigious George Foster Peabody Award, and in 2011 Abumrad was honored as MacArthur Fellow (known as the Genius Grant). “Radiolab” also earned a Peabody Award in 2015 for the episode “60 Words.”

Last year, Abumrad premiered the “Radiolab” spinoff called “More Perfect,” a series on untold stories of the Supreme Court.

He’s keynoted at several conferences across the country on a variety of topics. His journalistic, and research style will inspire attendees at ISTE 2017 next month. His take on the world is one that drives him to keep digging into whatever the topic of the week is.

In addition to ISTE Abumrad has been tapped to keynote at the 53rd annual Nobel Conference at Gustavas Adolphus College in Saint Peter Minnesota in October.

You can register for ISTE 2017 here. 

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