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EdTech Startup RaiseMe Launches App Helping Students Earn Scholarships

New RaiseMe App Launches in App Store Changing The Way High School Students Think About Scholarships

raiseme-iOS-launch-top EdTech Startup RaiseMe Launches App Helping Students Earn Scholarships

There’s been a fundamental problem in the way high school students earn scholarships, basically since the beginning of time. Student starts high school, in eleventh grade they start vetting colleges and it’s then that most students take their first look at scholarships available to them. But eleventh grade is too late. Students can’t find the ultimate scholarship match in eleventh grade to find their GPA is maybe a point and a half too short. They can’t go back to ninth grade and start all over again.

RaiseMe, a social enterprise working to change the way students access billions of dollars in financial aid, is working to change that paradigm. Through the company’s website and now new app just released in the iTunes App Store, students can start earning their scholarship dollars in the ninth grade. Say a young faming student wants a scholarship from 4H, they know they have the farming skills, ambitions and volunteer work under their belt, now all they need to do is apply with a 3.75GPA. Knowing this information when they start high school can help them stay on track.

On RaiseMe students are able to earn that scholarship money starting as early as the 9th grade for doing all the things that best prepare them to succeed – whether that’s getting good grades, taking AP courses, volunteering in the community, or participating in extracurricular activities. This model makes preparing for college (both financially and academically) more tangible and attainable for students, especially those from low-income and first-generation backgrounds.” Yefim Vedernikoff said on 

Unless you were a super academically focused, valedictorian type student with no financial qualms, then you probably know the feeling of finding the perfect scholarship, a little too late.

RaiseMe took to the interwebs on Wednesday to announce that the app their users have been craving for months has finally been released on the iTunes App Store.

“Back in March when we looked at how students were using RaiseMe, we found that over half of our them were already using our website on their mobile phones to discover and earn micro-scholarships. That’s why we designed our iOS app from the ground up: to make it easier than ever before to earn college scholarships on your iPhone or iPad.” the company said on their blog.

Their app features all of the same features as their website in a mobile-centric way including:

  • Follow your favorite colleges and discover new colleges that could be a great fit for you
  • Add high school achievements, like good grades and extracurricular activities, to your portfolio and instantly earn scholarships from colleges for each achievement
  • See what you can do in high school to earn more from colleges
  • Refer a friend to start earning on RaiseMe (and earn a $100 referral scholarship in the process!)

The three year old startup has helped over 750,000 students earn over $1 billion dollars in scholarships with an average of $22,500 per student. While their platform is amazing for any high school student, what RaiseMe has really done is changed the way of thinking about scholarships and helping students achieve even more positive outcomes.

Check out RaiseMe here at and download the iOS app here. 

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