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EdTech: MyOn Acquired By Renaissance To Expand Digital Literacy Solutions

myOn-top EdTech: MyOn Acquired By Renaissance To Expand Digital Literacy Solutions

Renaissance and myON Come Together To Deliver A Shared Vision Of Literacy Growth For All Students

myON is a digital literacy platform that gives millions of children access to thousands and thousands of books. Their library is customized for all ages and grade levels and with each book there is a variety of ways students and teachers can customize learning. myON is designed to provide students at any reading level with ways to read and enjoy grade appropriate books.

MyOn is packed with features that benefit both the teacher and the student. In order for a literacy platform to be effective both users need to see the true value. MyOn has a variety of assistance features for the reader that can be enabled and disabled by the teacher. The teacher can also monitor the students progress and see where they need help. They also feature a directory of state standards that will tell the teacher and the parent what books meet the standards of their state.

On the student side, they can choose from a variety of titles at a variety of grade levels. If fully enabled, students can have read-along enabled with both audio and visual assistance. If the student is learning verbs, nouns or other Language Arts skills, different words, sentences, paragraphs etc can be easily highlighted for the reader.

Renaissance is the leading K-12 learning analytics platform, driving phenomenal student growth worldwide. For thousands of schools and millions of students, Renaissance is the backbone to their digital learning initiatives. The company widely known for it’s progressive approach to learning technologies and the ability to help educators personalize learning to help all children achieve their learning goals.

With that in mind, Renaissance announced Monday the acquisition of myON in an effort to expand their digital learning solutions.

“myON and Renaissance are coming together to accelerate the realization of our shared vision of instilling the love of reading in students around the world,” said Daniel Hamburger, CEO of Renaissance. “We look forward to working with the talented team at myON to deliver on this vision by providing students with unlimited access to literature that is relevant and timely. We have long admired myON and see it as the perfect accompaniment to Renaissance Accelerated Reader®.”

“Renaissance and myON are truly connected by our history of providing literacy solutions that encourage kids to experience the joy of reading while developing their literacy skills at the same time,” said Todd Brekhus, president of myON at Renaissance. “We are thrilled to work alongside the team at Renaissance to evolve our products and provide children with ‘just right’ books that foster a passion for reading and continued academic growth. We also look forward to leveraging the best-in-class Renaissance Star Assessments® to further deepen and enhance our measurement capabilities, giving teachers robust data and insights to improve student literacy outcomes.”

Together, Renaissance and myON serve more than 20 million students worldwide. In addition to the organizations’ alignment on providing students with unlimited access to texts, Renaissance and myON are focused on providing districts with real-time data to measure students’ reading achievement and growth. myON and Renaissance will initially roll out solution packages that include Accelerated Reader and myON, while continuing to offer products on a standalone basis.

“It has been a privilege to support myON’s growth. We love meeting passionate advocates for myON in schools around the world, and we wish the team well in its next chapter with Renaissance,” said Jason Brein, Partner at Francisco Partners.

myON was previously a division of Capstone, a publisher of children’s books and digital reading products and services. Capstone has also worked with Renaissance as a content publisher for Accelerated Reader. The myON platform will continue to provide over 6,000 quality titles from Capstone.

Bob Coughlan, principal and co-owner of Capstone shares in the excitement of the news, saying, “Capstone is proud to be an integral partner for myON and Renaissance. We are excited to see these two great, complementary organizations come together. We look forward to seeing how together we will impact literacy for children worldwide.”

As part of the organizations’ integration, Renaissance welcomes Todd Brekhus to its executive leadership team. Todd will report to Daniel Hamburger as the president of myON at Renaissance and will be focused on product development and the integration of the two organizations.

No financial details of the transaction were disclosed however we’re sure this acquisition continues to accelerate both company’s positions as global digital learning leaders.

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