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School Climate Solutions Wins CALSA’s Shark Tank Competition

EdTech Startup School Climate Solutions Wins Pitch Contest

SchoolClimateSolutions-top School Climate Solutions Wins CALSA's Shark Tank Competition

School Climate Solutions, an edtech startup that strives to keep school climate safe, students healthy, and communities engaged in learning through integrated multimedia resources, won the recent Shark Tank Competition at the California Association of Latino Superintendents and Administrators conference.

The content that SCS creates focuses on three core areas; social emotional learning, mental health and school safety. They create content to focus on three core groups; educators professional development, parents and of course students.

The international startup has offices in both Miami and Puerto Rico.

School Climate Solutions goes far beyond just bullying. The company was created by two clinical psychologists who’ve made a career out of transforming school climates into safe learning environments. Maribel Gonzalez and Joy Lynn Suarez focus on character development from the top down, bullying, cyber bullying, drug prevention and emotional development.

SCS provides curriculum based tool kits that address their climate core objectives in easy to understand, lessons complete with the materials needed to drive home these key points.  The platform gives educators access to professional development courses and standards-aligned lesson plans. Students and parents also have access to videos and educational material in both English and Spanish. School Climate Solutions is already serving more than 20,000 students, and partners report a satisfaction rate greater than 90% from educators, students, and parents.

During the competition, each partner gave a 3-minute pitch to the audience of administrators. who then picked which “shark tank” they each wanted to visit. Inside the shark tank, partners gave an extended pitch to the administrators present, after which all administrators gave either the response “I am in” or “I am out.” By responding “I am in,” administrators promised the partner a one-hour follow-up meeting with appropriate staff members in their district within three months of the symposium. Winners were chosen based on how many “I am in” responses they received.


“We congratulate School Climate Solutions on winning the Shark Tank competition,” said Dr. David Verdugo, the Executive Director of CALSA. “One of the aims of our Focus on Results Symposium is to connect district leaders with the partners they need, and we look forward to seeing the collaborations that come out of this year’s Shark Tank.”

“We are delighted with CALSA members’ embrace of School Climate Solutions,” said Maribel Gonzalez, the founder and CEO of School Climate Solutions. “Our mission is to empower school leaders to be proactive, rather than reactive, when it comes to school climate, and I think the Shark Tank participants really appreciated that.”

“It’s no surprise that school climate and social and emotional learning have become priorities in our education system,” added Gonzalez. “20% of students report being bullied, another 20% have a diagnosable mental illness, and there were 142 reported school shootings in America in the last two years, so these are clearly serious issues that need to be addressed. At School Climate Solutions, it’s our goal to create safe and healthy school environments all over the nation, so that our children can really thrive and meet their full potential.”

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