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Back 2 School: School Specialty Can Be Your Complete Makerspace Solution

Trust School Specialty As Your Complete Maker Space Solution

schoolspecialty-maker-top Back 2 School: School Specialty Can Be Your Complete Makerspace Solution

School Specialty is the largest supplier of everything education related in the U.S. They’ve been trusted for decades by teachers, administrators, schools and districts with everything from textbooks to bulletin board graphics, basketballs, to learning aids and more. They have the largest selection of audio visual equipment for education and have certified teacher specialists in every department, providing a holistic approach to school outfitting for whatever the need.

For years schools have been able to call up School Specialty and say “we’re creating a music room”, and School Specialty’s friendly staff go right to work assessing the needs of the school and coming up with a complete solution for that music room. Textbooks, learning guides, equipment, music stands, furniture, audio visual equipment and anything else a school would need for a music room can be found and put together in one big package by School Specialty.

They go well beyond just that one room as well. School Specialty has an entire department dedicated to renovating and remodeling schools as well as new build out projects. That means you can turn to School Specialty, share the needs of your entire school building and order everything you could possibly need to get kids learning.

With the wave of the maker movement going on right now, School Specialty is there again. They have specialists that have joined forces from their arts and crafts department, science department, math department and even audio/visual department to come up with complete solutions for school maker spaces.

There’s no need to flip through thousands of catalog pages or web pages, and second guessing what you’ve put together. School Specialty remains on the cutting edge of everything educational, including the latest maker craze. Whether it’s 3D printers or project based learning kits, or even pine cones and wires, they can put an entire makerspace together for any size school.

“After purchasing a classroom tool, such as a 3D printer, teachers are often left wondering where the resource fits in their current classroom environment or makerspace and what to do next,” said Jason Heim, a middle school science teacher from Medfield, Massachusetts. “With a one-stop-shop like School Specialty for education resources, educators can be assured that each product will support one another in the learning environment.”

School Specialty can also work backwards which is a necessity in many schools. A school, science teacher or maker leader can contact School Specialty with an exact budget and they can put together a maker space staying within the budget and maximizing dollars so that students can start creating.

“Each district comes to a purchasing decision with a distinct budget and situation, which can make it challenging to build a modern classroom environment or makerspace tool by tool,” stated Doug Welles, Vice President, Specialty Businesses. “By working with School Specialty’s holistic set of solutions, schools can fully address the complexities of today’s classroom while fostering a safe, secure learning space.”

As millions of students head back to school and you’re starting to figure out your maker space, visit School Specialty, it’s their specialty.