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SchoolMint Makes Open Enrollment Easier, More Equitable and Reliable

schoolmint-top SchoolMint Makes Open Enrollment Easier, More Equitable and ReliableSchoolMint Enrollment Management System Is Simplifying Enrollment For School Districts

In the world of education technology there seems to be a breakthrough solution for just about everything from behavior management to curriculum delivery, IT process management to coding in the classroom. That’s the fun stuff but there are excellent solutions out there for the not so fun stuff that district offices have to handle, like enrollment.

SchoolMint is the leader in strategic enrollment management software for PreK-12 schools nationwide. Their easy to understand system streamlines and transforms the entire enrollment experience, regardless of size of the school or the district. Whether you’re managing enrollment at a private school, charter school, public school or entire district SchoolMint has the tools your team needs to expeditiously get through the enrollment process in the most accurate and fair way to the students, staff, school and district.

That’s why when Greeley-Evans Weld County School District 6 in Greeley Colorado instituted an open enrollment policy for the district they picked SchoolMint to make enrollment a more efficient, equitable process, and eases the application process for parents who may submit applications online or with a mobile device.

“We believe SchoolMint will help us build community trust with an equitable and transparent process, and improve our channels of communication with parents,” said Mr. Andrew Palmer, director of student information services at Greeley-Evans Weld County Schools. “With a multilingual, mobile-friendly app that allows families to complete digital registration packets with their smartphones, we are leveling the playing field for all of our students and their families.”

SchoolMint is a great benefit to schools and to parents because it eases registration and re-enrollment and streamlines school operations from Pre-K to graduation. Improving communication between schools and families, ensuring equitable access for all students and closing the communication loop for stakeholders were driving factors for changing how the district enrolled students.

With SchoolMint, families who have more than one child in the district can prefill data from one student to another. The data is submitted by families and is then reviewed, verified, and formatted by school staff to meet school policies. “It became necessary to evaluate the benefits of an online solution for our schools. It was time to bring the registration process online, and provide a friendly, and efficient experience for families,” said Palmer. “With SchoolMint, we are able to provide customer service to our families and gain real-time insight into enrollment number ebbs and flows for better operational management.”

“It is always exciting for SchoolMint to work with a district with open enrollment like Greeley-Evans Weld County Schools. Greeley-Evans is bringing equity, greater ease, and improved communications to the families in their district,” said Jinal Jhaveri, CEO of EdTech Holdings which includes SchoolMint & Hero K-12. “Our focus is on helping schools create positive learning environments from the point of school selection and registration, through every day of learning, and right up to graduation.”

Check out SchoolMint today at SchoolMint.com 


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