Education K12 Teacher Edition Gets Facelift And New Features Just In Time For Back To School

study-com-top Teacher Edition Gets Facelift And New Features Just In Time For Back To Unveils Re-Vamped Website And New Features For 2017-2018 School Year, is one of the top websites in the country for video lessons and resources for teachers and students. can be accessed directly by students looking to hone their skills, get help on subjects they struggle with or explore new subject matter. Teachers have a separate site, the teacher edition.

Teacher Edition has over 20,000 short video lessons that are easily accessible on any device and across any subject matter. The team makes it easy for teachers by giving them access to over 4500 lesson plans that incorporate the content already available. They’re also constantly adding more content to the platform.

Along with a site re-vamp, new features were added in time for this school year including popular Google Classroom integration and printable exams that will help take teaching to the next level.

Teachers can create custom courses, assign lessons and quizzes as homework, create virtual classrooms, and so much more. Our newest features embrace a real need for teachers. Even those that have adopted tech in the classroom often rely on worksheets and printables when working with students. Some of these new features let teachers achieve a blended or flipped classroom (especially with Google Classroom single sign on), but also allows them to go back to basics with paper as needed. Our new features include:

  • Single sign on with Google Classroom – teachers will be able to send an assignment from directly to Google Classroom.
  •  Printable exams and answer keys to use in class – turns chapter exams into printable worksheets that a teacher can use in class.
  • Assignable exams for students to take at home – teachers can assign exams via the virtual classroom. Also works for custom courses, where an exam is automatically curated based on the courses/lessons a teacher chooses

Other key features include:

  • Virtual classrooms where you can assign lessons and quizzes for homework or in-class activities
  • Customizable courses
  • Virtual and printable flashcards
  • Gradebook with student scores
  • Free access for up to 250 of your students
  • Professional development resources for teachers (including teacher certification test prep courses)

You can check out Teacher Edition Here and take it for a test drive with their free trial!