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Teachers, Trainers, Professionals, Tell Your Story With 30 Hands

30 Hands Helps You Tell Your Story Through Video, Fast and Easy.

30Hands-top Teachers, Trainers, Professionals, Tell Your Story With 30 Hands

30 Hands Learning is a video tool that helps anyone from elementary aged students, to startups, to corporate trainers easily tell a story, explain an idea and make videos. This is done through collaboration, story boarding, iteration and finally implementation through video. Co-founders Eric Braun and Carmen Ferrara started 30 Hands for education, but more and more businesses and even startups are finding their approach useful.

“Students do not spend enough time with learning materials to achieve mastery and make it stick. Teachers and corporate trainers want to create video lessons but it is too time-consuming and difficult. 30hands Storyteller solves both problems with a fun and easy way to create videos.” Braun told in an interview.

30 Hands makes sure that their processes are easy to understand and fun at the same time. Through the story and video creation process they keep students engaged. 30 Hands is used in the classroom in a variety of ways.

“We started our journey by trying to get kids more hands-on with their learning through blended learning and an eClassroom platform. This turned out to be complex and hard for teachers and students to grasp. As we simplified this platform for blended learning, we created a small iPad app for digital storytelling that could connect with the eClassroom. We found that students and teachers could grasp the storyteller app quickly and it rapidly grew to over 2.5 million downloads. We realized digital storytelling was the area we should focus on. It fits in with our mission and aligns with our goals.” Braun said.

The was to use 30 Hands are limitless. Some of the ways teachers are finding very useful include narrating Google Slides presentations, flipping the classroom and helping students tell stories through video. When it comes to Google Narration, everything is done slide by slide which makes it easier for students to correct a presentation.

30 Hands also offers a cloud based Learning Management System (LMS) for teachers. The 30 Hands LMS helps organize class materials and integrate open content.

“30hands provides an easy-to-use interface that allows teachers to quickly create course outlines then drag and drop multimedia content into the course and organize it by topic, unit, theme, module, project team or learning style. Students always have quick access to the materials they need, and teachers can quickly change the course structure as needed.” the company says on their website.

“Every month has 30 days of learning opportunities. 30hands lets students take advantage of each learning day.” Braun says.

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