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Teaching Math Through Entrepreneurship, Yes Please [ISTE 2017]

Australian Startup, Cashtivity Teaches Real World Math Through An Entrepreneurship Lens

Cashtivity-top Teaching Math Through Entrepreneurship, Yes Please [ISTE 2017]

Cashtivity teaches math trough the lens of entrepreneurship

We spent a good part of the day researching Cashtivity and when we heard, “teaching math through the entrepreneurship lens” we perked up like a dog when the bell rings.

Let’s face it math is boring. Real boring. The way teachers teach math hasn’t changed in over 75 years. You get the fundamentals, you apply the fundamentals and maybe, if you’re lucky, you get some cool word problems. After a student’s skills have been assessed and they’ve mastered the material, they move on. That’s it.

“I’m never going to use this in real life” are words that math teachers and parents are all too familiar with when it comes to the subject.

Australian startup Cashtivity is solving all that and more. Teachers struggle with finding real world examples for how math is applied, that they can share with their students. “Teacher’s are building a bridge, between traditional math and go across the bridge in the real world” Marissa Di Pasquale, the company’s founder said.

That bridge is Cashtivity, a digital project based learning platform that teaches math skills through the entrepreneurial lens. The platform calls for students to build businesses in just about any industry that they want. Through the platform the students learn five important, but basic business skills:

  • Students brainstorm ideas
  • go out and test customer discovery
  • define, refine product
  • go to market
  • sell, banking, replenish supplies, payback investors

Taechers can peruse hundreds of challenges on the Cashtivity platform that they can share with their students. They can create their own or turn to other teachers on their same campus and share those challenges.

Through the Cashtivity process several math skills will be taught to the students. Teachers can keep the Cashtivity company’s students they create in the virtual framework, but a lot of teachers and schools have actually allowed students to create actual businesses, showing them off at Field Day, an assembly or an entrepreneurship fair. Business ideas have ranged from candy and fruit stands to t-shirt design businesses.

When it comes to real world skills and math, Di Pasquale talks about a student who loves the Rolling Stones. Like many, the young lady aspires to be a rockstar when she grows up. Through Cashtivity she may find that it’s more lucrative to be the Rolling Stone’s manager than an actual member of the band.

There are hundreds of teachers and schools now using Cashtivity with thousands of students. You can check out Cashtivity in person at ISTE 2017 in San Antonio June 25th-28th at the Startup Pavilion booth #2132 and online at