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Turnitin Acquires Competitor VeriCite Strengthening Their Plagiarism Tools And Their Team

turnitin-acquires-vericite-top Turnitin Acquires Competitor VeriCite Strengthening Their Plagiarism Tools And Their TeamTurnitin CEO Chris Caren Announces Acquisition Of VeriCite

Earlier this month, academic integrity power house Turnitin, quietly announced the acquisition of VeriCite a competitor in the plagiarism space. Over the years, Turnitin has developed into a well rounded suite of resources for teachers and students alike, built on the foundation of the most powerful integrity/plagiarism detection tools in the world.

At FETC in Orlando last month, we spoke to the Turnitin team about some of their tools that are making it easier for teachers to more naturally grade student assignments. While it’s incredibly easy to grade true/false and multiple choice assessments, in the digital age, it’s become more difficult to grade assignments that warranted any kind of feedback or criticism. Turnitin’s grading tools allow teachers to virtually bring back the red pen.

Right after FETC, Turnitin announced the next evolution of their integrity and plagiarism detection tools. The company is developing an Authorship Investigation tool that will help colleges, universities and K-12 schools detect “contract cheating”. In these instances, students hire people to write entire papers, rather than copy others. The Authorship Investigation tools will be able to check papers against style and other unique characteristics to detect when students haven’t authored their own work.

On February 8th, Turnitin CEO Chris Caren announced on the company blog that they have acquired competitor, VeriCite. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed but Caren did suggest that they are welcoming the VeriCite team into Turnitin, including VeriCite CEO Valerie Schreiner. Vericite’s Board Chairman, Ray Henderson, will serve as an advisor to Turnitin.

“VeriCite has established itself as a leader in providing originality checking tools that provide tight integrations into [learning management system (LMS)] workflows and a smooth customer experience,” Caren wrote. “I’m excited for our future product offerings to combine these strengths with the accuracy and scale of Turnitin’s plagiarism prevention services.”

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