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USA Test Prep Is Your Classroom Partner

USA Test Prep Has Been Helping Students With High Stakes Tests Since 1998

usatestprep-top USA Test Prep Is Your Classroom Partner

20 years ago online test prep and curriculum resources weren’t nearly as commonplace as they are now. The Internet was just starting to catch on. Google had just gone online and it would be a decade before the iPhone was released. At the same time two high school teachers in Georgia, Jay Eckard and Joe Winterscheidt were trying to come up with ways to help students and teachers with new state testing requirements.

“The new test in Georgia would have teeth to it, and Eckard and Winterscheidt wanted to make teachers’ lives easier and make it easier for students to pass the test in order to graduate.” Zach Thompson, with USA Test Prep told

USA Test Prep is an online platform that helps students prepare for tests with standards-aligned curriculum. They help teachers create customized remediation for students at risk of failing high-stakes tests and they empower administrators to assess, track, classrooms and schools.  They do this through their web based platform that can be accessed from any PC, Mac or mobile device.

At the core of USA Test Prep is a comprehensive online suite that help guide teachers and students through test preparation. Backing their test preparation is a comprehensive analytics and assessment tool that lets teachers know exactly how students are performing. Their platform covers all of the major national tests including ACT, SAT, AP, PARCC, SBAC, ACT ASPIRE, ACT WorkKeys, GED, NAEP, NGSS and even Citizenship. Teachers can take complete control over test prep.  USA Test Prep is aligned with standards for each state, not just Common Core.

USA Test Prep has a wide range of customizable features that allow teachers to create their own practice assessments.

Since 1998 the company grew quickly. “Joe wrote the content, and Jay did the web development. They stayed on as full-time teachers for at least eight years while they build the company on the side. Like true, scrappy startup founders, Jay and Joe wore all types of hats for the company. sports on the side. Finally, eight years in, Jay quit and started running the business full-time. Joe soon followed. They started with science content since that was what they both knew. Then they hired friends to write content in other areas. They held writing groups to produce more content. Eventually, they hired Amy, their first employee, who is now the VP of Sales for the company.” Thompson said.

You can check out USA Test Prep online at