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VentureBoard: Turnkey Solution for Entrepreneurship Programs

More and more colleges and universities are adopting entrepreneurship programs. This is great, but the adoption of such programs can lead to some technical and logistical challenges, for both the organizations and the students. More than anything else, these universities and organizations are having a hard time connecting all the pieces: students to other students; students to resources; students to external organizations and so on. We spoke to one startup at SXSW that has a solution: VentureBoard.

ventureboard-platform VentureBoard: Turnkey Solution for Entrepreneurship Programs

VetureBoard offers universities and organizations a turnkey solution to the connection problem. When a university or organization signs up for VentureBoard, students can instantly access a world of resources. The VentureBoard team described the process to The Washington Post:

The site’s users create profiles that others can search to find potential co-founders and early employees. Then they can use our platform to organize start-up tasks and delegate responsibilities among team members. We also have built in a collaborative business model tool so entrepreneurs can organize and update elements of their business plan in a way investors can understand.1

VentureBoard-resources VentureBoard: Turnkey Solution for Entrepreneurship Programs

VentureBoard is already being used by programs at the University of Maryland, North Carolina State University, and several other organizations. We had a chance to speak with Scott Block, one of the founders of VentureBoard, during SXSW:

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