Viacom Takes All Of Their Channels Dark For 17 Minutes

viacom-top Viacom Takes All Of Their Channels Dark For 17 Minutes

Viacom Takes All Of Their Channels Dark For 17 Minutes To Stand With Millions Of Students Across The Country

At 10:00am eastern rolling walkouts at schools across the country started happening as students stood together to speak out against gun violence in schools.

Organized by the students at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland Florida, students across the country started walking out at 10:00am eastern for 17 minutes. One minute to represent each of the 17 people killed in the most recent mass tragedy at an American High School.

Students are walking out at 10:00am local with the last batch set to walk out at 10:00am pacific time.

While many news channels covered the walkouts from multiple sites across the country, some still decided to roll pre-roll commercials in front of their video coverage. Viacom took a much different position in “standing with the students”. At 10:00am eastern time, the cable giant, who’s brands include CMT, BET, MTV, Nickelodeon, Paramount, TV Land and more, all simultaneously went dark in their cable feeds and on all of their properties respective websites with the message above.

This student walkout was originally shunned by some local school districts but as it became clear that the walkout was temporary (17 minutes) and with mounting pressure from across the country, it appears that most of the schools and school districts across the country are participating and even helping to ensure that during the walkout the students are safe and protected.

At Stoneman Douglas, the organizers of the walkout, students, student council, administration and law enforcement devised a plan where the students would all walk out at 10:00am and stand in solidarity on the school’s football field ,which is technically still on campus. With the eyes of the world still on the Parkland school it was safer for the students to retreat to the football field for their protest, especially as media flocked to cover their reaction.

This is the first of two major events, organized by students, to speak out about gun safety. Next week, students will march on the mall in Washington DC where the Civil Rights March, Million Man March, Women’s March and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s “I Have A Dream” speech all took place. Celebrities, like Oprah Winfrey and George Clooney have donated to this event and many predict it may be the biggest march in the history of the nation’s capital.

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