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Watch Our 9 Year Old Reporter Learn To Code With Pocky Sticks [SXSWedu]

Glicode Helps Teach Kids Learn To Code With Pocky Sticks

Pocky Sticks are a delicacy from Japan that are quite delicious. The cracker sticks are pre dipped in chocolate and have their own unique taste that kids and adults love. Where Nutella makes a product that supplies cracker sticks and Nutella spread, Pocky Sticks are much less messy alternative. Heck, Glico, the company that makes Pocky, has even created Pocky Sticks for men.

Now, they’ve taken to South By Southwest EDU to show off a product they’ve had on the market a little over a year. Glicode (a play on their own name) is a mobile app and web based platform, that teaches kids to learn to code, by using pocky sticks.

Glicode-Top Watch Our 9 Year Old Reporter Learn To Code With Pocky Sticks [SXSWedu]

Kids complete challenges on the game by bridging characters in the game, to one another, with Pocky Sticks. The game, and the coding lessons, get progressively harder.

The game is a lot like Swift Playgrounds that teaches kids to code and problem solve without the assistance of edible props. With Glicode, once the task has been completed, it’s verified by using a phone or tablets camera, and the user can advance to the next level. But don’t eat the Pocky’s just yet because you’ll need them for the harder levels at the end of the game.

Pocky has been a part of Japanese life since 1966 and has been enjoyed by generations of families. A common sentiment amongst Pocky fans is that it brings a sense of nostalgia, inviting fond memories of times spent with friends and family while sharing a box of Pocky.”

“As the perfect anytime, anywhere snack, its stylish packaging is made for taking with you on-the-go—conveniently nestled in your pocket, in your purse, or simply in your hand.” The company said.

Glicode is available for Android and Apple. Glico has integrated some of their other popular snacks including Almond Peak Chocolates and Biscuit Cream Sands.