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WhooSaid The App You Really Needed When You Were In School

Startup Profile: WhooSaid Solves A Problem Most Students Know All Too Well

whoosaid-top WhooSaid The App You Really Needed When You Were In School

Whether you’re in high school or college, heck even in middle school, you know the pain of the group assignment all too well. No matter how many other students are in the group, nobody does their fair share of work. The brunt of the assignment often gets left to the “smart ones” while the cool ones have trouble even showing up. This doesn’t change, not even in graduate school. But alas, the smart ones need to get great grades, they have dreams and aspirations and because of this, the assignment gets done, and gets done well.

After a few years of this ritual you start to realize that the group assignment isn’t fair but how can you keep track of who is supposed to be doing what?

Students at all levels of education often resort to group texting, GroupMe, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Long threads where you have to scroll for days just to figure out who’s doing what.

Well Derien Stephens and Adam Goudiaby say no more. That’s why they created WhooSaid.

“Accountability within group projects was a problem that we personally faced as college students and soon realized it was a huge problem to countless other students and teachers as well. It is very common for one group member to complete more work than others on a collaborative project but receive the same end grade. We thought that was completely unfair and unjustifiable. A group project is just that – a GROUP project, and as a result, it should be graded as such. There existed no way for a teacher to monitor accountability or performance on these sort of project – while for students, there existed no way to effectively distribute the project workload or to hold one another accountable to tasks. We built an online platform that took care of each of those problems in real-time.” Stephens told in an interview.

WhooSaid tracks student accountability on group projects to create fairer grading and workload distribution in real time. “Our service offers teachers and students the ability to collaborate more effectively and transparently while reducing grading time for teachers and increasing grading accuracy for students.” Stephens added.

Everyone has experienced the pain referenced above. As for Stephens, he was one of the “smart ones”.

“While in college, I experienced numerous group projects where I attempted to organize meetups, study sessions, etc, to ensure that all work was divided equally amongst group members. Unfortunately, no amount of texting, planning, or discussing, ever resulted in a fair amount of work being completed by each group member – yet, we all received the same grade upon completion of the assignment. Finally, after personally speaking with hundreds of students and teachers one-on-one about this problem, it turned out that it was much more common that I had ever expected. Thus, the idea of using technology to solve this problem for many others was born through WhooSaid.” he said.