Eureka Park Guide 2018

Investor’s Guide To Eureka Park: 2Sens

2Sens Is Putting True Mixed Reality In The Hands Of Everyone

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality are the hottest trend in technology today, but currently, the barrier to entry for people who want to create mixed reality content is huge. Most agencies that specialize in AR, VR and MR content charge an arm and a leg. But what if you could create your own mixed reality content with a device that just sticks to your smartphone.

2Sens offers the world’s first camera device that connects to your current smartphone and makes it possible to create real eye popping mixed reality content.

The problem with other devices that claim to allow user’s to create AR, VR and mixed reality content, is that it still takes images and flattens them. The 2Sens camera attachment helps user’s create content that pops off the page, or flies around your head.

The camera attachment connects to any smartphone and instantly turns your phone into a mixed reality studio camera. Now you can add animations, objects and other things to your videos. You can actually place them where you want in the video. In the explainer video at the bottom of this story he shows you how the cute green alien goes from on top of his desk to on his desk, specifically on his keyboard where he dances around the keys. This isn’t possible without true mixed reality technology.

Content created with the 2Sens camera can be displayed in full 3D VR with any of the popular virtual reality headsets or virtual reality headset adapters for smartphones. What makes this even better for the masses is that, with a click of a button the content can go 2D and be displayed on any smart phone. Just like the video below, the objects added to the video are still seen in their proper places.

Find out more at and in Eureka Park, booth #51702

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